Why Laser Isn't Stated As Permanent......

I went to my 1st consultation today and I was given 2 choices. 1)electrolysis every week or 2)laser ever 6 weeks. And the laser is cheaper due to the amount they can get done in same amount of time it would take for electrolysis. I asked if laser was permanent. I was told that it’s permanent for dark hairs but not for grey, white, yellow or red hairs. The laser only detects the dark hairs and when they are lasered they will no longer come back. Now, if 2 years down the road you notice some blonde or red peach fuzz it wasn’t by fault of the laser b/c it couldn’t be detected by the laser. This is why I’m torn between the 2 procedures. I’m just going to go with the electrolysis b/c my gut is telling me to do it. I will keep everyone posted on how things are going. The only thing I didn’t like about the consultation was she was unable to give me an guestimated time on how long I would have to go weekly. I did like the fact she was very straight forward and honest with me. Any advice from anyone out there. She also stated that if I want to try the laser I could always switch back and forth. All advice is greatly appreciated.


I didn’t know laser was permanent for dark hairs. I’d personally stick with electrolysis, as it is permanent and for me personally I’ve seen very good results! I’ve always been a bit wary with laser as to whether the hair would eventually grow back…

I’ve been going to get electrolysis done every week for the past 4 months (started in july 2003). I’ve had great results. I went for an appointment last night and it only lasted for 5 minutes because barely any hair grew back. I’ve had 100% galvanic electrolysis done and I have achieved great results. I’m hoping that I will remain hairless forever!!! I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.

I am currently working on a mans back using electrolysis. He has had many laser treatments within the last year. He feels it has removed his hair. What I see as I work are thousands of little white marks that look like scars. There are three types of hair. Lots of scattered great big black hairs that the laser did not get and fly out with electrolysis. Lots of fine tiny new hairs. And, hundreds of tiny very course light colored hairs that have no moisture in them at all. They are quite impossible to remove with electrolysis. I feel the laser has effected these hairs. I have done other backs and none ever presented this impossible hairs. I think you are right to go with your gut feeling.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I had laser done on my back and the hairs did go away for about 9 months but they all came back and more! That was depressing. Blend is working, its not as fast or as pretty but it is working.