Why is there always a different technician?

I’m finishing the last treatments for my upper lip. In that whole time I’ve been getting treated I have never seen the same person twice. Why is there such a high turnover rate? I know technicians constantly change but I’d expect them to at least stay a few months and not just a few weeks.

Are you sure it’s because they are leaving? In my experience busy clinics with a lot of techs will just book you in with whoever is free at the time you want an appointment.

I have to specifically ask for my regular tech and then book myself in whenever she has an opening.

All this varies by clinic. And as mentioned above, are you asking for the same person? Otherwise, they’ll book you for whoever is available.

I recall Smooth Solutions specifically wanted each client to have various techs working on them, so I had the same experience as you have. It made sense for the provider to mask their turnover and avoid having their clients either dislike or get to attached to the technicians. It also let me see if the facility did indeed train everyone to the same standard and see that the variation in treatment was minimal. I do understand the desire for most folks to stick to the same person, however. I see the same professionals for both my haircut and waxing for years now - not only is this more comfortable, but I do not need to explain what I want upon each visit.