why is the scabbing-can machines make all the difference?


I have been going to two electrologits both working on different areas. The first lady uses a old machine and my skin after is very red and scabs very badly, with the scabs lasting for about 8 to 9 days. My skin looks a mess. The second lady i have been to uses a newer machine which is digitally controlled or something and my skin scbbed very little and the redness cleared up within a day or two. Why is my skin scabbing so badly with the first lady, is the machine making a difference or is it her technique which is wrong???


Machines can certainly make a difference, but the biggest variable is usually practitioner skill. While scabbing can sometimes be a sign of overtreatment, it is also often a sign of effective treatment. The electrologist with more scabbing may be treating you more aggressively, but that also means it possible it’s too much. it’s a very fine line and varies from person to person.


Thanks for the advise andrea. It was definately over treatment as I have some scaring around my jawline, which i hope fades out. So I have decided not to go with the first electrologist. She was also reluctant to give me some basic information when I asked that is it true that a hair is only destroyed when it is in the angen stage? The response i got was ‘i hate it when people ask me that’. As I know from this website a good electrologist will be happy to answer any questions. So that was a enough to tell me to go and find another electrologist. I am now having treatment from the second lady who is able to offer me more time and is happy to answer any of my questions. I have had about 4 sessions with her and am happy with the treatment so far and will see how things go. I would like to thankyou for this website and hope electrolysis really works. I will keep you posted on my progress.


If thermolysis was used, scabbing is normal. But it’s only temporary and they will be gone in about 2 weeks. There is no scabbing with multi- needle blend.



Scabbing can be caused by many things…in my training, and in my experience, all of them are an indication of poor treatment. Choice of probe size, depth of insertion (too deep or too shallow), Time of treatment, setting of the machine, insertion breaking out of the follicle wall under the surface of the skin and many more. All are causes of overtreatment, or heat reaching the surface before the hair releases. As an electrologist, it is my responsibility to make sure these things don’t happen. Sorry, I don’t buy into the old saw that scabs are a normal part of treatment…no matter which modality you are using. Now lest I sound like some kind of self-proclaimed expert using perfect technique, let me confess that on occasion I also get a scab or two…but it is a signal to me that some kind of breakdown occured on my part, and gives me cause to re-evaluate my choices with that particular client.

It sounds as though you have settled in with an electrologist who is conscientious, and willing to be open, and educational with you. Good for you, and kudos to you for not settling for less than high quality work, just because “Well, she is a licensed electrologist, and so she should know what she is doing shouldn’t she?”

Good luck with your treatment. :wink: