Why is some hair still growing?

I’ve had 5 sessions so far, bikini to ankle and under arms, using the Laser Light Sheer, 31-36 joules…(I’m fair with dark hair). Sessions have been 4 to 8 weeks apart. I see about a 60% reduction.
The bikini area has been the most effective, but the last two sessions overall seemed to be mostly ineffective, and the hair that is still growing in on my legs is finer, lighter and less course…
Should my Doctor increase the joules to compensate for the finer hair because it may just be harder to get?
If not, what else could be going on and what else would you guys suggest?

Thanks for your input!

Hi: It sounds like you’ve reached the maximum hair reduction for the laser. Unfortunately, once the hair becomes light and fine in texture, the laser energy is no longer able to target it well. Most clients are satisfied with this, but it depends upon the area being treated, and how the initial consultation was handled. 100% hair removal is an unrealistic expectation in regards to laser, and sometimes even for electrolysis. Increasing the joules at this point is counter-productive-you could try some treatment with the Aurora, although the jury is still out on this one. Also, you could wait about 6 months and see what kind of re-growth you experience at that point. Some dormant follicles could finally produce terminal hairs, which could be successfully treated then. I hope this information helps. :wink: