Why is laser not able to give brazilian bikini?

Hi, I wanted to get laser hair removal on my bikini line, I’d like to get most hair taken away not just on the bikini line but all over, but when I went for the consulatation the nurse said they could only remove the hair that runs along my groin. They use an alexandrite laser.

I went to another place who use a cynosure laser (also alexandrite I believe!) and they say they can remove everything.

The second place are double the price and the lady who saw me said all hair would be removed permanently with a slight chance of some regrowth. Who should I choose?

Second lady is probably close to right. All the hair will not be affected, but an impressive amount will be permanently reduced. As a practicing electrologist, I see many ex-laser bikini clients who still have quite a few hairs left, enough for hour long appointments. The good news is, those hairs are quite small and light in color. Even if one wanted to shave them off every couple of weeks, it would still be very nice to have laser. The people that seek out my services, want it all gone - totally - so they never have to shave again. If I had to choose, I would choose lady #2 (if she has a good laser) because she doesn’t limit her treatments to the panty line only. You will have regrowth and new growth mixed in. “Some” regrowth implies that it isn’t very much, but just what does that mean to her? It may mean something totally different to you.

My laser sessions on my bikini are full Brazilian. Everything is treated. There is a chance that a few of the really tiny hairs will be missed, but there aren’t very many of those in this area so a 99% removal is totally realistic. There’s no reason you can’t get a near-perfect Brazilian.

Perhaps the tech thought your genitals weren’t light enough for an alex laser? Most people have light panty line areas, but darker inner-groin areas. This change in skin tone can cause burns on the darker bits.

Or perhaps the tech was personally uncomfortable with something like that. Maybe she’s shy?

I haven’t had any regrowth and I’ve been done with 95%+ results for over 3 years. I would be careful to choose a clinic that uses aggressive settings on that good machine so that the hair is damaged permanently and not just stunned.

You need a bit more information from these places. You need to provide us with your skin type and also ask at each place in person what settings they will use on you (joules, pulse width and spot size) and also get a test spot if possible.

Hi Thanks for all our comments. I have fair skin, burn easily hardly ever tan and dark quite course hair, so both places seem happy to treat me. The place that said they cant treat everywhere said its because the laser they use (Alex laser) sucks onto the skin and “cant do edges!?” and it cant suck onto the labia but can to the groin line. Ive never heard of this has anyone else? This place is also charging £350 for 8 sessions whereas the other place is charging £600 for 6 sessions, however the other place would treat a larger area I suppose.

The place who cant do the brazilian took more time to explain things more clearly the risks involved and how they would use a machine to test my melanin levels before each treatment then adjust the setting of the machine accordingly, because Im nervous about getting it done I found this more reassuring. The place who will give me what I want werent as clear, although they did do a patch test which stayed a bit red for a few hours but is fine now and the hair hasnt grown back in the bit they tested.

I’ll ask them both what setting they are likely to use on me.

Which one do you think I should go for?

There is a Fitzpatrick skin chart where you can determine your skin type on the scale.

There are a few newer machines using the suction technique. Can you ask them for the specific name and model of the machine? There are dozens of different alexandrite lasers.

Please read the link below with questions to ask clinics to give you ideas. Also, read the FAQs. Basically, you need to learn the answers yourself based on the FAQs and then “test” their knowledge to make sure they’re on the same page.

I have had full Brazilian with a Cynosure and have excellent results on my bikini line. It CAN be done and I would stay away from the place who told you they couldn’t do it.

I would go for the 2nd lady too. It’s worth every penny to go for laser for your brazilian bikini than having it on wax, could you imagine the pain and suffering.