Why is hair longer after laser? Should I continue

Hi there,
I keep having to post this thread as I am not getting any solid answers and I want to be fully informed before I jump into another decision, I am male and have had about 4 laser sessions on my arm to reduce density, little did I know that the hair would grow back much longer and also hair has been stimulated all over my arms, there is little info on the Internet about this hair elongation on the Internet, however, I have read that the hairs possibly may elongate as they get weaker so does that mean I should continue doing laser for a few more sessions and these long hairs will start to go?

In the other thread that you started, you last mentioned that you were going to look into electrolysis. What happened to that?

You also mention that you have laser stimulated growth. So, I would discontinue using laser for that reason alone.

I don’t believe that electrolysis can revert the hair back to being short on the forearm, as I’ve heard that laser can make the hair much lighter, I can see some of this on my upper arms (amongst the terminal stimulated hair) , so therefore if I did just have electrolysis on the forearm it would look strange having very long hairs which are relatively sparse surely?

Prior to these 4 sessions of laser I was at another clinic and had had about 8 sessions done, these people were cheating me, giving me ipl which I believed to be laser and burning me, I think that was the cause of my stimulated growth.

I think I have genuinely ruined my life with this stupid decision. My arms were not even that hairy before.

Report your laser side effects to the FDA. The more consumers complain, the bigger the chance that FDA will pay close attention and study the problems or create stricter standards for practitioners. Since majority of cases are not reported, there is very small data on laser paradoxical hair growth so the problem is only anecdotal on consumer forums.


I will definitely report it to them but I was hoping someone on here has also gone through the same problems as me and had a solution because i’m so clueless as to what to take as the next step, i don’t like asking people at clinics because one clinic has already taken advantage of me.

You were given advice before and people just don’t want to repeat same stuff. You had over 8 laser sessions; you had laser hair stimulation. Laser will not work to correct the problem at this point. Your only option is to either use a trimmer for life or start electrolysis. Nothing can make your long hair to grow in shorter; you can only thin out or completely remove all the hair with electrolysis. No other solution.

Rogers, I’m only responding to two things you said in your posts: "I’m not getting any solid answers [from this group]’ and "I think I have genuinely ruined my life.’

To the first statement, you have to understand that laser is still not a firmly established or proven modality and a lot is being discovered and learned about it, and yes, you are one of the unwitting guinea pigs … lovely! Furthermore, there is not one laser tech on this board; so you are asking your questions to the wrong group. THERE ARE NO LASER EXPERTS HERE! Talk to the clinic that did laser on you. Or talk to other laser operators … or (I would) hire an attorney that specializes in medical issues and sue them. I WOULD initiate a lawsuit! A little chunk of money in your pocket will make you feel "every so much better!’

Still, I get annoyed with people that think their hair problem has "ruined their life.’ Hair is a problem that always has a solution. I’m very tough on my (neurotic/ whiny) clients (not saying you are), that feel their "life is ruined’ because they have a few chin hairs. And in fact, my attitude (not coddling) helps them. A couple photos of Dr. Chapple’s birth defects on kids is a nice "wake up call.’

I think you should get tough with yourself. And, if you were damaged, either file a complaint as Fenix has suggested … or sue the bastards! I think you have a case.

I will add in that the two areas (on men) where I’m seeing laser hair stimulation is on the neck (small hairs get REALLY long), and on the upper arms … less often the lower. Again SUPER long upper arm hairs: looks horrible! W__T__F !!!

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, I am simply trying to find answers before I jump into something as my laser technician is telling me to continue with laser and I will see results and then conflicting answers on here so I am in two minds, this is a big issue to me as I have had to hide away for 2 years due to this problem, I hope that I can find a solution so I can go back to living normally.

Nobody is offended. However, your statement "I had to hide away for 2-years due to this problem … (?)’

You said you have a problem with your arm hair, right? If you really have been "hiding’ and not living a "normal life’ because of this, you have to understand that your reaction is not healthy. There are a number of psychological issues that people have that sometimes causes them to focus on hair.

Dislike the hair sure. Hide for 2-years and not live normally? … not good. Not seeing you, or knowing you, I don’t know … but, I have (in the past) suggested counseling for clients that are having unhealthy thoughts about their hair … and those who have magnified the hair problem into a major "life issue.’

Talk to your private physician about the laser, your hair … but most importantly, your attitude and what "this problem is doing to your life.’

Any reason why you are not interested in Electrolysis? Your issue of unwanted hair would end.

Yes, Arlene … good solution. However, if there is an underlying problem sometimes the physical remedy won’t help much.

Some years ago I had a client with trichotillomania: he focused on, and pulled out his beard hairs. The physician had me remove his beard, but then he started pulling his chest and head hair. I’m not saying this is the case with this person … but, people sometimes have underlying issues that hair removal alone cannot help.

I must admit I have some similar reservations to this poster. I have seen a lot of pictures of the after results of electrolysis. The results speak for themselves, but I have noticed that when you “thin” with electrolysis, the remaining hairs can look somewhat unnatural being thick and long and far between.

I’ve basically come to the conclusion that only electrolysis can solve my problem, so that’s what I’ll do regardless, but I can’t completely shake the fear of getting this kind of result.

Michael, I suppose I am projecting. As a former bearded lady, a major cause of distress was resolved once I found electrolysis.

Joheu, it is with laser that the treated area is patchy. With electrolysis we target each individual hair. If one wants fewer hairs per square inch, we can do that too and create a very natural look. That is the greatest advantage of electrolysis over every method of hair removal.

I know, I didn’t say that my fear was rational :slight_smile:

But when it comes to thinning, many people, including myself, would like things that are simply not possible. I have quite thick brown brown hairs everywhere. Electrolysis can’t make them softer, thinner, and lighter in color. But I still believe you can do magic that will make me very happy in the end. Not intended as a criticism of anyone practice, just a realization of the material you guys have to work with, when you thin, you’ll have to leave some hairs and you can’t help how those look.

Thank you for your concerns michael but it is nothing like that, mentally I think i am okay maybe a little paranoid, this is due to the fact that I was fairly young when I started this hair removal (18) and had an active social life, when people started to see how my arms didn’t look natural anymore they started to judge me, therefore I felt like I had to hide it. In terms of electrolysis I keep considering it but I keep being talked out of it by my mother and laser technician, I am in the same boat as Joheu in thinking that the hair may look a little odd after being thinned out as the vellus hair’s have been changed by laser to grow out straight and thin, the hair that was already coarse has stayed the same I believe so maybe removing the changed hairs is an option.

Working with a great kid with identical problem … laser made the hairs stick straight out … Indian guy and we are done with most areas … now, on to the arms (lower). The problem I see with his hairs is that they grow straight out … they do not lay flat and so the whole thing looks terrible.

I know all of us electrologists hate to have to clean up other people’s messes … but GUESS WHAT … that’s mostly what we do; what with the waxing and all the other goofy things people seem to do before they get to us! I don’t think this kid will allow any photos … but he would really make a great video. Maybe he’ll agree to just show a small area?

Ah at least we are on the same wavelength and you understand my problem! Photos would be great, I would then have solid evidence to show my mum that electrolysis is the solution, right now she just believes solely in the laser technician, so if this individual could provide these photos it would help me out a lot!