Why is dry skin more prone to in-grown hairs?

Why is dry skin more prone to in-grown hairs?

With dry skin is more prone to clogged pores.If pores are clogged this makes it more difficult for the hair to break through to the surface .

Why is dry skin more prone to clogged pores?

When dry skin is chapped and irritated, bacteria can enter the follicles.
This bacteria build-up along with the dead skin cells surrounding the follicle will prevent the hairs from growing through the follicle opening. Hairs can become trapped as well as oil.

How do we prevent dead skin cell build-up to prevent trapped hair and oil?
Moisturize and Exfoliate.

Let us know more about you and your skin and I will make suggestions regarding ingredients to look for when buying products.

Your age?
Your skin color?
A photo is particularly helpful.

This looks like a photo but it’s actually a drawing (using photo palats) I did in Photoshop … therefore you may use this at will. As all of you have nicely pointed out, dry skin = ingrown hairs for a number of reasons. In this drawing, you see the infundibulum “clogged” with dead epidermis. This “road block” can force a new hair to ingrow. Just follow Arlene’s recommendations!

Thanks for the replies and the picture :slight_smile:

I’m 20. Indian. Fitzpatrick skin type 4/5. No known allergies.

A photo of my right leg:

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“When dry skin is chapped and irritated, bacteria can enter the follicles.”

OK that’s scary…I started taking spironolactone in April last year. Spironolactone really dried my skin. My acne almost disappeared in a month or two. I then waxed in May and got folliculitis. (I’ve waxed a few times before without ANY problems)Could it be because of dry skin? I’ve been getting folliculitis on and off since then…+ LOADS of in grown hairs. Could the in-grown hairs be because of dry skin? I don’t moisturize regularly. I’d also like to add spironolactone has made my hair finer and I’ve read fine hair is more prone to be an in-grown as it doesn’t always have the strength to break through the skin. Plus, I’ve pili multigemini-multiple hairs coming out of one follicle. I’m not sure if it started before spironolactone or after…I never observed my legs so closely before. I usually see two kinds of folliculitis bumps on my skin - ones that they have an in-grown hair inside…and the other ones which have 2-4 hairs coming out of them…I don’t remember seeing any infection around a follicle which has only ONE hair coming out…properly( not an in grown, I mean)…What do you think? And suggestions?