Why does your skin react less each time?

Just had my third appointment – the first time, I got lots of tender, pimple-like things. Second time, a bit less. This time, hardly at all. Can’t quite understand why the skin over in one area would react less just because the skin in a different area has experienced electrolysis already. You know what I mean? Cause we still haven’t done the same area twice. Anyone know?

Anyway, it’s all going well! You can see very plainly which areas we’ve done and which we haven’t. I know that it’ll take a year or more to get it all done completely, but I think it’ll be much less time than that before I have a life-changing difference!

Maybe she /he hasn’t used the same levels, modality or probe size for each different area as she is trying to find a good recipe for you in these beginning stages?

Partly it is because we tend to treat the deepest, thickest and strongest hairs during the initial treatment. Then on the next session, we can alter our levels in response to any unnecessary skin reactions.

Hi Anon,
You’ve answered yourself in the question. You “haven’t done the same area twice” you said – and different areas on your skin may not react identically. (compare thickness, hormone influence, location, etc.)

And, as Dee said, depending on what spots you’ve asked him/her to work on, your electrologist is probably changing probe size, modality, etc., for the different areas, all factors which can affect this reaction.