Why does LHR cost so much?

Any explanation?

Well there are several things related to Laser Hair Removal that cost a fortune.
The machines cost more then my house for one. The education on how to use the machines is expensive and on going. The insurance is expensive. All the supplies are expensive. Then you have the people who call book out our time and don’t show up. Time is money
The cost is so much because of the expense.
At least that is how I see it.

Patty is absolutely correct.
Ours are the types of businesses where there are many fixed expenses involved in staying in business, while one can not know how many of the appointments one has booked will actually show up and pay for the treatments they contracted for over the phone. Office rent is the same while you are booked solid, and when you are working at half capacity.
The situation is made worse by the fact that everyone wants to book the same times, so one is actually turning down business in favor of the first booking that comes in for the hottest appointment times. When someone blows off an appointment, they leave the practitioner in a position of having had other clients available, but not able to put them in that slot. We sell our time, and we can’t get that back. No Restocking Fee can make up for a no call no show.

As I have heard it said, “We have to make customers we have pay for the ones we don’t.” Put another way. If a practitioner in our type of business was booked solid AND there were no “no show appointments” the practitioner could charge much less. But that would be a perfect world.

At any rate, following the posted cancellation policy is at least the polite thing to do. If every one did, the prices could go down.