Why do we dont have any success story topic?

Hi all,

I wonder why isnt here some topic where would be links to success stories from Hairtell? Now it is hard to find some - one has to go through all the pages and that can take weeks…

Would be good for new people here to easy find the story from Bryce and all the threads form Josefa. Then after someone had success, the link could be added to the existing success stories…

What do you think?

There is, and it is very easily accessible. It is the second topic in the laser forum.

That’s for laser. Great idea Miro, we do need to show what electrolysis can do. Michael has posted some great photos too. And I hope to show mine and my sisters results. Links to the whole thread to show the journey would be helpful.

That was a great idea. I second that :slight_smile:

Basically, it never happened, because no one every started one. People like me are too busy to chase down the stories and run the links. I would say that some good stuff came out of that one threat called “Electrolysis, no proof it works”.

The most important thing would be to catch the new ones - I thnk it wouldnt be that hard to do…If someone remembers some old good posts, he could add it there…

The topic has to be easy to find - has to be allways on the 1 page of the electrolysis forum. And important is allso a logical composition. Who could do it? We need the admin I think…

I believe the military serviceman with the extremely dark and dense beard treated by James last year would be an excellent example.

Yeah, a sticky thread in this section would be really cool. Just like in the laser forum. Electrolysis has more success stories too so it only makes sense to have one.

Start a new thread like I did on the laser forum and ask Andrea to make it a sticky. Then add links to threads of success stories.