Why do some women get facial hair?


I sort of posed this question under another category too, but it’s sort of interesting, I think, so I thought I’d make it its own category in case anyone else was curious.

Does anyone know the reason that some women, who don’t seem to have a hormonal imbalance as far as anyone can tell, struggle with facial hair? My mother always said it depends where your ancestors are from - but that’s just her theory. It does seem to be passed down through generations, however. Any thoughts?


Hair growth is determined by many variables, which is why it’s so hard to tell if a hair removal product or device is working or not. Growth rates and amounts can be caused by heredity, hormones, excessive weight, medical conditions, certain medications, etc. Hair growth rates can even vary in individuals in the winter and summer.

Ethnicity (heredity) can play a part in hair growth, and it can also make a difference in how much hair is acceptable. In some countries, women remove all their body hair except head hair, while in others they might not shave armpits, legs, etc. Those who come from ethnic background where hair is traditionally a darker color (such as the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, and much of Asia), the contrast of darker hair on lighter skin makes hair seem more noticeable, and can lead to the perception that those ethnicities are hairier. Some ehtnicities have tendencies toward less body hair, such as eastern Asia and Native Americans.

Add it all up, and you get the reasons for hair growth. It’s way more complicated than most people think.