Why do pores become visible due to electrolysis???

Ok I am new here! I have been reading the forums and I have to say that this website is awesome and everyone seems so helpful!! Anyway…I’m wondering if pores can be more apparent after the electrolysis treatment? My cousin had electrolysis done for a long time, and when I asked her about what she done to her face, she said nothing. But I know she was lying to me because her mother told my mother. I was pissed off, it’s not like I would have done anything if she just told me the truth in the first place? SMH,Anyway, as I examined her skin her hair was GONE!! All of it. I remember her having so much hair that it’s not even funny. Her face and neck was literally covered with hair, and now it’s so clear and her skin looks so good that it looks like she was born that way. The only thing I did notice was pores. Like they showed, or stuck out more. She had foundation on but you can still see the pores there but it was visible more when I looked a bit closer while talking to her. They were clear pores with no hair in it(i don’t think that makes any sense, lol)I don’t know how to explain it I mean they were clear like nothing in them just bigger. I’m not really sure if it is because of the electrolysis she got but I think it has to do with it. Are they permanent and are the pores suppose to shrink after some time?

yeah sorry for the longggggg explanation guys!

Mother’s talking to other Mother’s about their children is dangerous. Hair removal is very, very,personal and many electrolysis clients keep it a secret. Maybe she’ll confide in you some time later when she is more comfortable talking about it.

Some people just have bigger pores and it has nothing to do with skilled electrolysis care. One exception: if a thick hair is treated and then lifted out, that thick hair occupied space. So, one would see an empty hole where a hair once thrived once the hair is gone. That space will come together, or shrink, as healing takes place and won’t look as big. It sounds like your cousin is finished and all healed, so perhaps she just has big pores naturally.

Without seeing your cousin’s skin, that is the best explanation I can give via the internet.

Be not too hard on your cousin for wanting to keep a secret about her hair removal. Be happy for her instead. 'kay?

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Hi Elan,

I agree with Dee. The area that I have had treated with electrolysis is actually the smoothest part of my body now that all the hair has been removed. Which is actually surprising considering that I often times look like I have been stung by a million little bees right after treatment. But after a few days they go way and I am left with very smooth skin.

I guess it has to do with bigger pores then.

Hi dfahey thanks : )

Yeah, my mom and her mom always talk about stuff. and I am happy for my cousin I was just kinda mad that she couldn’t just tell me already but I understand that it’s really personal.

Yes, be not too hard on your cousin about this. If you bring up hair removal via electrolysis for yourself, she may share her story with you thinking she is being helpful and supportive.