Why can't I shave?

I see all these posts about using the Mach 3 and such. Are you kidding me? The Mach 3 is probably the WORST razor I have ever used for body hair. The more blades I use, the worse irratation I get basically. The same goes for shaving your face, I don’t understand. Anyways, if I shave my body hair (chest, stomach, shoulders, upper arms) I get massive irratation…meaning I could not shave again without pussfilled zits, ingrowns, etc for about 2-3 weeks. I ask why? What can I do? I see some guys can successfully shave their entire body with no problems. Why am I different? If I could just shave, I wouldn’t care that bad. Sure it would be a pain in the ass to shave 40 minutes everyday, but at least I would have no hair.

Hi Chuck

Maybe your skin justs needs to get used. These bumps and such as you describe are not very unusual. Most guys get these shaving at first. Try a bit longer and use a gentler shaving product or cream - Hypoallergenics work well and reduce itching. (maybe Tendskin as well - but watch for aspirin rashes).

Regards Stuart

what are you using to shave? what is your process. you can possibly eliminate irritation by following these steps:

  1. soak the area for 10 mins in warm water

  2. use a 3 or 4 blade razor and make sure it’s in good shape (probably need to be replaced every 5-10 times)

  3. use a shaving GEL (not cream). it makes the skin more soft and glides better

  4. shave in the opposite direction of hair growth

None of us have seen his hair growth pattern, so I will add that IF his hair has not particular “grain”, or regular direction of growth, there could be no way to shave it without irritation and ingrown hairs.

I don’t know that this is the problem here, but if you don’t have all hairs growing in one direction, you can’t shave without puss filled bumps, and will need to look for electroloysis to thin out the area so you are left with only hairs growing in one direction, or just remove them all.