Why can't I pluck graveyard hairs?

I’ve read on this forum several times that you’re not supposed to pull out the graveyard hairs. Why?

Theoretically, the laser killed off the hair follicle. We all know the dead hair then sits there for a few days up to a few weeks before being naturally pushed out by your body. But if it’s DEAD, what harm occurs from pulling it out on your own? What can happen? So far I haven’t seen any physical explanation behind the instruction not to pluck them.

Do you mean tombstones? Graveyard hairs!!! That’ll work, too, I guess. Very cool! hehe!

Some of those hairs that you think are dead and stuck in the follicle, may actually still be active/alive growing hairs. You want them available for next time you go for a session. Removing them can prolong the treatment plan.

Ha I’ve never heard of tombstones! I’ve always read “graveyard” lol.

Anyway I just had my bikini line done recently, and definitely, I can tell what is attached and what is not attached. There is no mistaking especially in that area, of a hair that is still active/alive and one that is dead!

So if that’s the only reason, I won’t feel bad about removing the dead hairs haha. If it slides out easily, I can remove it, if it doesn’t, I leave it. Of course I am not going through the area w/tweezers!, I’m just saying that some of the “tombstones” are longer than others and I can actually pull a few out just with my fingers!

As long as there is NO resistance whatsoever from the hair, then you can remove em all you want. If you’re just pinching with your fingers then you are probably not plucking anything so you’re fine.

P.S.- The misunderstanding probably comes from your terminology. Tombstone hairs (pepperspots, graveyard hairs, whatever) do not come out with gentle tugging (in fact they are just dots so you wouldn’t really be able to grab them with your fingers in the first place).

Hairs that loosen on their own and start to fall out (within about 3 weeks of treatment) aren’t tombstone hairs, they are just normal treated hairs. If you have hairs that are “stuck” and WON’T come out or grow, but just look like permanent black dots, then that’s a graveyard/tombstone hair. Exfoliation helps or they will get burned off at your next treatment.

How long has it been since your treatment? You should give it 3 weeks to shed.

We actually call them pepperspots. Either way, the problem is not in removing them. The issue is that you don’t know which ones are actually dead and which ones were missed until after you pull them out. Basically, you can pick them out without an issue - you just need to be careful not to pluck those that don’t come out without resistance.

Hey, When I was younger, I stupidly shaved the top and sides on my nose, now I have these black hair spots (tombstone hairs) (raised hair follicles but they aren’t long, rather look like blackheads unless you look closely and realise they are raised hair blobs which look like the hair has got stuck before blossoming into long hair) :smiley: all over my nose as well. The last time I shaved my nose was 4 years ago and only some of these hairs have grown long (about 7 millimetres) the rest are stuck as these tombstone hairs. If I go for Electrolysis, will the Electrologist be able to treat these tombstones and lift these out after applying the current?