why can't I get it right?!

I’ve been doing electrolysis for 5 years and there are many instances where I can’t find the root.
The upper lip hairs are so fine and I can’t feel the root. I know I’m inserting the needle properly. Any advice?

Hi beauty.

Have you joined Electrology International, AEE or HairShoot? If you are an electrologist, please request to join. They are closed support groups for electrologists. You will need to submit proof that you are indeed an electrologist to Electrology International and I think you may have to for the other groups as well.

Doing electrolysis can be a very difficult technical skill. People think it is easy to insert into a hair follicle correctly at the right depth and angle. As you are finding out, it is not. If you have someone that can mentor you on fine hair, in person, that would be the best way to get it right.

Once the light bulb goes off in your head about treating these hair structures, it will be much better for you. Just takes practice.

Thank you for your response. I can scan my certificate to those groups.

I’ve spoken to two of my teachers and the response is always “no one knows how to find the root. You just practice and feel it”

The lack of guidance is frustrating and I want the best for my clients.

Hit me for some samples, the IBP will lead you there.

Yes, the IBP probe that Mike Roy makes is awesome for feeling the way down into the follicle. You must get some! Take him up on his offer to get some samples. Private message him here to exchange information.

You will get this. Sometimes I feel the bottom of the follicle and sometimes I don’t! At times, you will hit the infundibulum and know that you need to push past that just a little bit. Do a depth gauge and observe some hairs. Electrolysis is as much an art as it is a science.

Thank you. I’m definitely getting those samples and I can’t wait! I always ordered the ballet probes from my school. That’s what the teacher gave us and I never thought to look elsewhere.
I’m looking forward to getting past this hurdle. Finally!

In the mail on their way now M’Lady. :grin:

I have one word, wow!!!
These probes are a life saver! For the first time, I have no problem feeling the root!
Thank you so much for the samples and advice :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely be placing an order :slight_smile: