Why are singed hairs significant?

Please forgive me if this question has been posed before, but what is the significance of singed hairs after laser treatment? I researched and decided that laser hair removal was the right option for me, and ten days ago had my first treatment. It was pretty much what I expected, and I have had no adverse reactions. I noticed on my client information card, the technician made a note that said “many singed hairs”. Is that good? Or bad?
Thanks in advance…

that just means the laser burns off the hair with the beam. doesn’t really matter except that those hairs are not visible anymore since they were burned off right away and don’t need to wait for the shedding process as with the rest. wait up to 3 weeks and watch for shedding. you should shed all the hair that was hit at that time.

Singed hairs are good! It means that enough fluence was used to treat the hairs. Some lasers, though very effective do not singe the hair as much.

My favorite with the Apogee was when the hairs flew out of the follicles. Sometimes you could hear them popping out!


Thank you, lagirl and RJC2001 for your kind (and fast!) replies. I have really learned alot just browsing around here the last couple of days, what a wonderful source of information!

Can one detect a slight smell of singed hairs? I thought I could slighlty, though I thought it was probably the cooling gel or something.

you can definitely smell the burned hair during the treatments

I just had my legs done for the first treatment today…now I have black little hairs in the folicles and redness around the areas of hairs…I am hoping these will fall out …and are singed…:slight_smile:

Can one detect a slight smell of singed hairs?

Oh yeah! For thicker hairs, you can get lots of smoke and pyrotechnics occurring. In fact, my practitioner insisted that a vacuum pump with smoke filter be installed as she was getting a sore throat from the smoke… <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />