WHOOO HOOO!!!! I did it!!!

Well, let me tell you about my first session with laser… I was quite apprehensive about it yesterday, but I went anyways, and I’m glad I did…

I went into the office and filled out paperwork. The lady (RN who owns the shop and runs the equipment) took me to the back room and showed me some pictures on how the laser works, which I already know mosty from reading this site. One thing that she mentioned that I have never seen here though is that laser pretty much works the same as electrolysis, in the manner where heat is used to destroy the follicle.

she was very informative, let me touch the laser, put the tip on my hand to feel the coolness (It was a Lightsheer laser). Then asked if I had any questions, I said no, so she told me to lay on the table.

I had shaved this morning (upper lip) but could not get the hair near the nostrils as I was afraid I’d cut myself. She shaved what I missed for me and noticed a tuft of hair just under my lower lip, very fine dark hairs, she shaved those as well and told me she would do them and not charge me for it! :grin:

She did a test ‘zap’, and I damned near jumped off the table… I didnt know what to expect, but ya, it friggin hurt! She said the machine was set properly for me (set on 35) and continued to smear ultrasound gel on the places she was going to laser.

She made me wear these ugly saftey glasses to protect my eyes and went to work.

I’m not going to kid you, it hurt like hell, I had tears in my eys and jumped a few times. The worst parts were along the lip line and the 2 zaps she did under my nostrils. It did feel like a rubber band being snapped on my skin, and I did NOT feel the cooling tip (I can just imagine how much it hurts WITHOUT the tip!!! :fearful: ).

She explained that the reason it hurt so badly was because there are a lot of nerves in your upper lip (tried electrolysis there once and couldnt go thru with it because it hurt too much!).

She carried on and then did the area beneath my lower lip, which also hurt, but not nowhere nearly as bad as the upper lip did.

I know why it hurt so badly. The hair on my upper lip was very thick and coarse and black, comparable to leg stubble!! It absorbed a lot of heat just because of the nature of the hair. You could also smell burning hair as she was working the laser, she said that was the hair under the skin burning.

She said with each treatment, it gets less and less painful because the worst pigmentation is usually destroyed the first appointment and the remaining hairs are fine and dont require as much absorbtion.

When I was done, she cleaned the gel off me and told me that the skin was a little red and that it should settle down in a few hours. I got up and looked in the mirror and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected, it was pinkish red, but not beet red like I expected. The whole procedure took 3-5 minutes, and we were done.

The redness went away pretty fast. I filled up my car and hit the liquor store on the way home for a case of beer. Maybe it was my imagination, but the guy at the liquor store seemed to be staring at my lip when he was talking to me at the till…lol. By the time I got home, almost all the redness was gone. I put some aloe vera gel on it and it feels pretty good, slight tingling sensation, nothing to be concerned about. My skin feels almost like it has ‘shrunk’, it is very tight, but it also feels incredibly smooth!

I talked to her about other areas and she gave me a price list. I am going to have my underarms done in 2 weeks for a cost of $125 for both (the upper lip was $60).

I also asked her about the bikini line (not sure if this is ok for this board or if I need to move it to the mature board?) but the prices are anywhere from $175-$225. She explained that the difference is that a regular bikini is the cheaper one, if I want more taken off, it goes up from there, $225 is the max. I had asked her if she will do it “all”, she said she has never had anyone ask for it “all” (meaning pretty much brazillian, landing strip, thats all that would be left), but would do it if anyone asked. She said that ‘those areas’ are more sensitive and would probably hurt, but she is willing to do it…

I will wait till I get my underarms done and see how that feels, I do want the bikini area done, but want to see what the results are on the smaller areas.

I would highly reccommed her to anyone, she was very professional and personable, very nice lady who seemed to have extensive knowledge to back her up!! She also put me at ease before doing the procedure, she saw I was nervous, which I am thankful for.

Anyone who lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) that needs a referral, I’ll gladly give you her info, I was very impressed with her.

I can now see why people say its addictive, I asolutely LOVE the way my skin feels right now. Just have to wait a couple of weeks now to see the results! :grin:

Hi Jan,
As someone who’s very new to this site, and preparing to go under the laser :smile: , It’s great to hear stories like yours. I’m hoping my turn at it goes as well as yours did. Congratulations!

Hi Jan-

I am currently getting braz. bikini, lower legs and underarms. I am doing the underarms in a separate session from the lower body, partly because it just seems like too much torture for me in one session. I also made the decision to go to a different place for the lower body vs the upper body.

It’s been about 6 weeks since my underarms were done, and I go for my second session tomorrow. I am paying $250 per session. I can tell you that I am already thrilled with the results that I have, as my underarm hair was very coarse and dark, and even though I shaved every day there was always stubble – like a guy with a heavy beard. Embarrassing, and has made me never wear sleeveless shirts to the office.

I agree with you that the laser hurts! My initial sessions hurt like crazy, and like you I was expecting my skin to look horribly burned judging by the pain I was feeling, but surprisingly, it did not. I had some welts that were gone within 24 hours.

Anyway, the change in my hair is incredible – especially, the underarms. Much of the hair seems to be gone. The hair that is left there is very fine, and seems to grow more slowly. I am only shaving my underarms maybe once a week, and I will definitely be wearing those sleeveless shirts with confidence now!

My legs I am also still shaving, but I’ve gone from shaving every day to every two or three days. The hair is definitely much finer, but the difference isn’t quite as dramatic as the underarms. I go for the next session on the lower body in early April. I got a package deal on the braz./lower legs – I am paying $3300 for five sessions on both areas. Not cheap so I am really hoping for results.

At both places they are using the Lightsheer on me, and at both places it is operated by a doctor. Also, I believe that the laser was set on 40fl for my underarms, and 25fl for my legs.

Good luck to you! I hope that my good results continue and that you experience good results, too.

Thanks guys!

Last night I noticed that I had a couple of ‘sore’ spots and had a close look at them. Turns out she burned me in a couple of spots, not badly, but there are little scabs.

From everything I read about here, I thought 35 was a bit too high for the upper lip, but I didnt say anything. I’m still glad I went and I will mention to her that I got burned next time I go for my underarm appointment. The burns are not bad at all, they are like pen dots so I’m not going to worry too much about them.

Usually, I need to shave every second day. I shaved yesterday before my appointment, and usually by this time, I would have had fine stubble, by tomorrow, I would have had to shave again, so I am anxiously waiting to see if I will have any stubble, so far, there is none.

I thought about having my legs done as well, but finances are definitely an issue and that would be a bit too much for me to do at the moment, or anytime in the near future.

I did buy a One Touch unit and am doing my legs that way. First few times I had it turned up too high and I think I burned myself, now that I got the hang of it, its going along very well. I have been doing it for about a week now and have my legs about 30% cleared. I realize that there may be more hairs growing in, but for someone with limited finances and some time on her hands, this seems to be working for now.

I go for the underarms on March 21. Hopefully it wont be too painful, but again, the hair is black, very coarse and very thick, so I have no doubt its going to hurt!

Hey Jan…

I’m just curious to know what setting you used on your One Touch for your legs and what setting you are using now.
I haven’t tried anything but zero yet as I’m afraid of how much it will hurt.


Hey Kathy,

I started out using around 7 or 8, the pain was tolerable, but I noticed I was getting some spots that were really red, the next day they were little scabs, from reading here, I realized I was burning myself.

I now use anywhere from 4-6, depending on the area of my leg, some areas and hairs hurt more then others. You also have to watch for “twitches”…lol, I was bent over my knee and doing my shin, when I got this weird twitch and my knee met my teeth! :grin: I guess I must have hit a nerve…lol…

With the lower settings, it takes a couple of seconds longer, but I dont have the burns and scabs, all I get now is the chicken skin bumps which go away in a few hours. I have also found it is better to work with a wet facecloth. My legs are very dry, and by running a wet cloth over them,I am able to see the pores easier.

Start with a lower setting, and work your way up to where you feel comfortable, it will still hurt, but its like a mosquito bite pretty much, the pain is tolerable, much more so then laser (but I guess that also depends on what part of your body your working on, I tried upper lip and couldnt do it, even on the lowest settings, it hurt too much!).

Right now I’m clearing all the really thick hairs (which are real buggers to come out!) to make it easier to get the finer hairs (which seem to come out a LOT easier!)

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask or email.

Good luck…

PS, I dont think you are doing anything by using your one touch at 0.

Hope to hear more later on.

I go for my underarms March 21, so I will post about that experience…lol… I think it will be painful, but I’m a wimp so… :fearful:

I had my upper lip done on Friday. I noticed I have black spots (peppering?), and I’ve noticed a few of the fine hairs have already started to come out, i tried them with tweezers and they came out like nothing, and this has only been 3 days, so I’m quite optimistic!!

I can hardly wait for my next session! :grin:

Hi Jan-

I had my second underarm treatment last Saturday. Going in, I was optimistic that it wouldn’t hurt nearly as bad as the first time, because I didn’t think I had much target left. Was I ever mistaken!

All I can say is at least it was all over quickly – maybe three very long minutes per underarm.

On the second one, the doctor that was treating me fired up something that blew very cold air onto the area as he was treating it. This is separate from the chill tip on the LightSheer and it helped a lot.

One of my underarms now has a deep purple bruise about the size of a nickle – I am guessing this is from the force of the hair exploding. :fearful: It was from the laser treatment, but I am not sure exactly what caused it. I don’t have any burns or scabs.

If my good results continue, it will all be worth it. Am keeping my fingers crossed – and good luck to you.


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<strong>i’ve looked for ages on the site and can’t find - info about how to get a login for the
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Jan, that’s a fantastic report! Thanks for providing such detail!

Those of you who have concerns about pain have many excellent options. I recommend looking into the topical aqnesthetics EMLA or ELA-Max. They can significantly reduce your discomfort, but you have to use a lot. Don’t be skimpy, even though it’s expensive!

Upper lip is probably the most painful area. It was for me. A little topical cream made it
MUCH more bearable.

Once again, thanks for the first-rate information, Jan, and keep us updated!

You’re welcome Andrea.

It was my understanding that the topical creams my interfere with the treatment somewhat? I think I will just go ‘bare’!!! I may take a couple of ibuprohen before I go and see if that helps.

The upper lip was extremely painful, I could not believe how much it hurt! Even my teeth hurt, I’m not kidding… I got a very strange sensation in my teeth… dont know if its because of all the work I have had done to my teeth or what… The lady said that the upper lip has LOTS of nerves in it and that is what I was feeling… Either way, the pain didnt last very long at all, so I’m thankful for that at least!

Some people claim that topicals may affect treatment, but I’ve not seen any clinical proof. If the pain is really a problem, there are ways to deal with it, both topically and in other ways.