who to would be good


telling people about Hair Removal Methods is good but i think a section on how to would be good, that is how you did this what is the best method and what angle you put the needle in at all that sort of thing i am sure i am not alone in this its great to know what they are but what would be good is more on how to do it true D.I.Y


Hey Sarah, I’m in total agreement about your statement as well.
We need all the help we can get on this DIY thing.



hi offbroadway thanks for your reply not sure if anyone else is reading this, must be just me and you do you know anythink you could help me with , i am waiting for a book to come which i hope will help i will let you know if its any good :confused:


You are not alone
We are here with you
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Ok, I will stop singing Michael Jackson songs.

My suggestions for reading material are Mike Bono’s The Blend Method and Meharg and Richards Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis. They are easy to read, have many illustrations, and charts to help to get the concepts across.

Now that I have said that, I am duty bound to repeat, "If you are going to Do-It-Yourself, I would suggest getting a buddy and you both learn and instead Do-It-For-Each-Other instead. I am a pro and I won’t work on myself. You just get more work done in less time when someone else does it.


I strongly agree about the need for an online resource with practical advices for those that want to do their own electrolysis. Even if there are books available is that not eliminating the need for a site with free advices and instructions.

When I started out it took me a long time to find all the needed details by picking up fragments from a heap of sites and there was still lots of questions remaining that I had to answer by the trial-and-error method.


I reommend getting The Blend Method by Mike Bono if you want practical tips.

I have a list of free tips here, based on the assumption you understand the basics of working clean, insertion, and energy levels:



I just finished reading Mike Bono’s book and really enjoyed it a lot.
I do have a question regarding thermolysis now after reading his book.
He is advocating that insertions be to anagen depth in all cases when doing the blend method, what I want to know is when doing thermolysis do you still follow that suggestion or is it simply working on only anagen hairs in this case?

I recently found a great deal on a used thermolysis machine and have been using it on myself which has been great. I’m clearing my areas really quickly compared to the One Touch and don’t seem to be having much skin trouble with it. I actually had more red spots with the One Touch than I do with this new machine.

I know James uses thermolysis, can you help me out here?



If you choose to increase the pain you will feel, you may choose to insert to anagen depth on thermolysis as well. Of course, since you have not been trained in any hands on course by a professional, I would not recommend that you try to do this.

You will do just fine if you learn the difference between how it feels to get the anchor, as opposed to the bottom of the follicle.

You should not worry. You will at least thin the hairs that are not in anagen phase, and with proper technique, setting, and probe placement, you will get permanent removal the first time on all anagens.

Now that you have seen that we give you good info here, take the rest of that advise, and get a friend to trade work with. :grin:


There is some advice on using the One Touch at http://www.nohair.info/