white hairs after 5 mos of electrolysis

i have been having weekly treatments of electro for almost 5 mos, hour per visit. i am noticing a few white hairs that are growing, not fine hairs but thick hairs on my chin area, anyone else had or heard of this before, it is almost as if the pigment of the hair is gone but the hair is still there.

It’s funny that you mention this, because I have been tweezing the area between my eyebrows since like forever, and I am noticing now that a lot of the hairs there are now growing in white. I don’t think they’re grey hairs because i have no greys anywhere else on my eyebrows. It’s bizarre!

I also used to pluck my chin hairs for more than 10 years, and about 2 yrs ago, a few started coming in white. They were kinda thick. Last May, i started electro on my lip and chin and just about all the hairs on the chin are gone now, including the mystery white ones.


Electrolysis doesn’t cause non-pigmented hairs, however most electrologists remove thick, black hairs first, and other colors later.

If the electrologist doesn’t have good vision equipment, she or he can’t see the follicle well enough to insert on a white hair, so they often get left behind, either by accident, or because one doesn’t want to guess at the insertion.