White Hair

Dear Andrea,

 Have been away for awhile, but have been diligent around my laser treatments on my face.  I have had four treatments to date, and can report 85-90% of my beard is gone.  I have my fifth session next week.  Due to the success of the laser (Apogee 9300), the Dr. has left the settings at 16-17J and 40ms.  The third session was a 1263 pulse character builder as I refuse to use meds, but the results were incredible.  

 My question is this - I have done my arms and underarms with great success, and will have my chest done with the next face clearing - but I am rapidly getting down to the white hairs on my face ( I am 48 afterall ).  Should I push the Dr. to try the melanin treatment to darken these guys, or just suck it up and get electro?  My Dr. has heard of the melanin treatment but is not particularly bullish on using it.  Any thoughts?

Deane:What comments do you get from both male and females when your smooth underarms are seen by others? I had my underarm hair removed by electrolysis and when I visit a gym,I notice people looking at my hairless pits. I had 2 guys ask me where I had it done; but they were hesitant to have it done to them. They wanted to do it;except they thought others might think it was wierd. What is your experience?

Deane, congratulations on your great laser results!

The melanin lotions have not been demonstrated to be especially effective. At issue is the minor difference in melanin placement. When the hair is dark, it heats from the inside out. The melanin (if it even gets to all the areas necessary) may cause heat to build up in he wriong areas, reducing effectiveness and causing additional heating to other skin structures.

If you don’t have time and money to blow, I’d suggest getting the white ones done with electrolysis, but it’s vital to find someone really really good. White hears tend to be more coarse, which means it’s even more likely you will get skin damage unless it’s done properly.

Keep us posted, and I’d be very interested to know how your facial hair looked as you had each successive treatment. Did you have noticeable patchiness or any patters? These are common concerns for males seeking facial hair removal with laser.

I’ll second what Andrea says about the white hairs. They are definitely more coarse than the black ones. I have some left on my chest and they feel like wires if they grow out for a couple of days. I am seriously considering electrolysis for those. Fortunately my practitioner does electrolysis too and she is very experienced at it.

That is a good point too about the melanin additive being able to penetrate to the center of the hair. It is even more questionable if they will reach the hair bulb at the base of the hair follicle. I would want to see some scientific studies on that.


Andrea and Other Interested Parties,

 Thanks for the insight about the white hairs.  I assumed as much, but felt compelled to ask, anyway.  I will start to plan a trip to Dallas.  I had my fifth face clearing Tuesday (Dec 10, 2002), and had my arms done a second time, and splurged and did my chest.  The procedure was set at 17J, 40ms, and 1 htz.  Pretty much the same as the previous treatments, but a slightly higher Joules rating as we are getting a lot less sun this time of year in Kansas.  I spent three hours at it, and took 4681 pulses.  The moustache and the "sensitive breast area" parts were real testers as I still have used no meds. 

To the point about my underarms; as a mid-transition transexual, I do not get into any sort of locker room situations.  If I did, my underarms would be the last thing to engender comment and observation.  They are smooth and wonderful.

 I will determine in the next two treatments if I have hit a wall regarding the removal of all my black facial hair.  An area best described as the Fu Manchu area appears to be the final major challenge.  The body hair is coming off nicely as I am sure the year and a half of hormone therapy is helping.  

 I will see if I can get some photos for your interest.  Andrea, stay warm up there.

Deane; How long did it take to rid yourself of the underarm hair? Also how thick was it to begin with? Is it as smooth as it gets from waxing? Why do you think more men don’t get it done. I can’t think of a place on the body that would feel as good smooth as one’s underarms.

Dear barrester,

 I have had just one treatment on the underarms, and I would estimate 80-85% of the hair is gone.  I cannot say enough about the help I get from over a year and a half of female hormones.  Androgen (testerone) suppression over time has been probably the highest probability factor of success in this endeavor.  

 Clean underarms are indeed nice, but I find hairless legs to be the most attractive in my book.  Your question about men begs the answer that they are probably very concerned about hairless body parts indicating homosexuality tendancies to other guys.  I don't know for sure as it has been years since I have been in the guy's world.  Best of luck

Deane: I had forgotten about you not being in the mans world anymore. However, what have you learned from people you now socialize with as to how women think about men without pubic and underarm hair. Does that seem to turn them off? As a male I would like women not to feel that men need to be any more hairy than a women if they choose not to; but we need to know if they can accept it.


 We are getting a bit off topic, and I do not want to get Andrea upset.  I would be glad to discuss this off-line if you drop me a line at rdl@accessus.net.  As always,