Which would you get for underarms? and a question...

I have a choice of…

IPL aurora
Gentle lase
Gentle yag

for my underarms, which would you use?

i am type III, but underarms are lighter.

and i had my underarms treated w/ IPL about 2 months ago, i still have no hair, should i still go?

You need to go back in for treatments as soon as you have a bunch of new growth. If you still have nothing, you should wait until that happens. It would be a waste of money otherwise. You need to wait for the dormant hairs to start growing in, so you can treat them with laser. Out of those options, GentleLASE is the best one for you. Yags (gentleyag) and IPLs (aurora) are not as powerful, especially as the hair gets finer.

Thanks! Then I will wait.

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I don’t think hair removal lasers penetrate deep enough to cause any lymph issues. I’ve had 3 treatments and pretty much don’t have hair there anymore, only a few stranglers, and haven’t noticed any decrease in sweat etc. there are a few other people on this forum in the same boat and very happy.