Which would be the best buy?

In1991, I graduated from Electrolysis School :grin: . I worked out of a Private Clinic and I never owned my own equipment.
Now after almost 12 long years, I would like to buy a Semi-Professional/Home device so I can start working on my self (legs). I’m familiar with the “Blend” and a single probe Electrolysis techniques. I found on the internet The Électrolyse Automatique & MiniBlend by Clareblend machines. Are there any suggestions that you can give me? :confused: Please help, I do not want to spend too much money!!! But I want affordable quality product.
Thank you.

Check out the Precision device at http://www.prestigeelec.com. About $900.

aha, that is the worst website i’ve ever seen

Au contraire, I’d have to say this may be the worst website ever.