Which Pro to Choose?

Being covered in ridiculously visible peach fuzz, from head to toe, I’ve decided that I’d try getting it professionally waxed off. Also, considering it’s nearing summer where I am (ie Australia), I thought I’d be brave and go for a full body wax (also helps avoid demarcation). I’ve looked up a few beauty salons in my area and have found that the price works out to be practically the same. This leads to my dilemma, which salon do I choose?
They all have pretty websites and are conveniently located, and all claim to have won various awards for this, that and the other. I’ve narrowed my list of salons down to 7 but am not quite sure as to how to narrow it down further. I suppose I could book a consultation with each, but what in particular should I look for? What questions do I ask them?
Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance!

Call the salons and ask to speak to a waxer and have them answer some questions for you
do they do exclusivly waxing, if not what percentage of their day is spent waxing
How many brazillians go they do a day/week
what kind of wax do they use, do they use hard wax for the genitals and armpits or do they use exclusivly strip wax
also ask about the brand (there are several excelent austrailian brands)
once you get the answers you can narrow it down to one or two waxers which is a reasonable number to interview- at that point you can go with who ever you feel the most comfortable with.
good luck