Which place in NYC uses LightSheer diode?

Hi guys,

Went to two places for consultation today RomeoJuliet(RJ) and American laser place. Got test patches from both places.
RJ uses alex Apogee and Gentlelase lasers (tech used 16 J on me) and American laser center uses IPL (which as i undestand not a laser) Aurora. Technicians at both places have about 2 yrs experience (as i was told) both said it will take 6 to 8 treatments to see the results (facial hair). IPL is more expensive than Alex laser. RJ said after 6 paid treatments i get each additional tx for half a price and i get free touch ups in b/w, american center said after 6th tx they wont charge me (as i undestood it).

Now is the question from this forum i undestood that for my type it’s better to go with Sheer diode or alex and none of those places had it (sheer diode)so does anyone from New York city knows of any place that uses this type of laser.

Thanks a million

Alexandrite lasers like Apogee or GentleLASE should work well on you. I would actually prefer it over LightSheer for the face because it is easier to target smaller areas with GentleLASE (from personal experience). If your skin is light, you can probably go higher than 16 joules on it. 16 worked well on my bikini and underarms where the hair is coarse, but not as well on the stomach area where the hair is finer.

Lynda Christine, who practices at Body Beautiful (downtown), uses LightSheer diode. I’m taking the plunge and getting some areas done there.

Here is her contact info (also has a website which I’m spelling out - lasernurse dot com)

LYNDA CHRISTINE - Registered Nurse
96 East 7th St. - NY, NY 10003
917.656.2106 - laserhairremoval@earthlink.net

Good luck.

p.s. Andrea hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting info here - if I am I apologize in advance.

Thanks for the repllies guys,

Question: i’ve read on this site that one has to shave before the treament (both places that i went to consultations for didn’t mention it, they actually shaved a small area for test patch right there and then) if yes how far in advance and why?

the area needs to be shaved before getting treated because you want all energy of laser to go to the root of the hair to kill it and not waste energy on the hair above the surface (laser is attracted to dark pigment, that’s why light skin is necessary). you can shave yourself or some places do it for you. it’s up to you. the closer the shave, the better, but I like to do it a day or so beforehand so that the practitioner knows exactly where to treat (a tiny bit of stubble visible).