Which one should I buy?

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I have been reading the posts for an hour now and am a bit confused. I was going to go buy an epilator tomorrow but no longer know which one to buy. I need one that would be good for the face too for I am sick and tired of shaving since I usually break most of my hair. I had an epi lady a long time back and used it for my arms and legs. I didn’t mind the pain but I have been shaving for two years now for lack of time. I was wondering if you guys could sort of vote on the different products you use.
Thank you


Welcome to HT.

Yes, we can tell you about various types of Epilators.
I use a Emjoi, Optima.
I like it because it has a strong motor, quiet, remover corse or fine hair, has very little hair snagging and really in uncomforatable to Epilate on any part of the the body and yes even your face and is the only epilator with a duel rotary.

I would highly recommend to wax areas like your face, pubic and underarms before using a epilator on those areas. Other areas you can first use a eplilator and it will just be uncomfortable the first time.

Here is a link of various opinions:

If you can’t open the exact page just use the basic opinion web page then look for the Optima page.

Thank you for replying. I checked the forum before leaving the house and didn’t see any post and while I was out my husband offered to get me what I had been talking about for so long…ofcourse the epilator. Not wanting to prolong it any more…(I was kind of excited too) I went and bought one. I bought Brauns Ever Soft. As I told you I had done this a long time before and I have been waxing my face too…so it didn’t hurt me more than a slight pinch. I loved the speed and the pain softner. At the moment all the hair that had not come out…as I had shaved just a few days back…are coming out. I can always clean up once in a while to keep my skin soft but what I was wondering was…does this really work like waxing or does it break the hair once in a while? I mean the hair that I am seeing at the moment…is it the one growing out after my last shave or is it the hair that was not actually pulled out by the epilator but was kind of cut at the top. Did my hair break instead of being pulled?


The Braun work ok for a Epilator.
I’ve had tow other epilators before I finally found the Optima(Remington and Phillips).
They did ok and were great at pain.
After people recommended the Optima and glad they did.
The so called, pain softerner didn’t do anything for me. The best way to epilate is still keep skin taut, so no need for a plastic device.
Yes Epilate/wax/threading all remove hair in the same way by adhearing to each hair folicule and pulling.
The % of hairs broken should decrease to almost 0 by the 3rd time in a row, no matter which method you use. The way to tell for sure is look at the hair folicule. Is it longer then what you just removed(the total hair folicule). Say, you see 2mm of hair before epilating and after you remover the hair, the total lenght is 4mm. Yes you removed the hair and not broken. The bottom line, is don’t worry keep on epilating, to keep smooth, exfoilate daily and both you and SO enjoy.
Yes you could even get you SO to start about thinking of getting smooth also?
Being smooth goes both ways for both couples don’t they?