Which method of Hair Removal worked for you?

Hi, I didn’t know where to post this message because there is no general forum area.

So here it is…

I am a young male, 20, whom is slowely beginning to notice increased body hair. But it’s getting to the point where its becoming embarrasing and im ONLY 20. Back hair is starting to form, while chest and stomach hair seems coarse and long. Also i’m noticing hair spreading to shoulders and up arms. I was using NAIR for a while, but it obviously isn’t a long term solution. I am in college and definitely not rich. Here are the options im looking at now…

  1. Epilating (I have never seen or used this, but it looks decent) used with Kalo.

Now I know alot of you are anti topical hair inhibitors, but I cant afford expensive solutions.

  1. Whining to a Dermotologist, perhaps he would give me a oral prescription. What are my chances here? And what affects will it have on me. I am a body builder too, so I don’t wan’t to mess with my system too much (but body building is pointless if you cant show it off).

  2. Electrolysis - But lets be honest here, I can’t afford this. Not to mention it would take forever, Due to the amounts of hair i have.

  3. Laser - This would cost thousands of dollars, for what i want done - is it really an option?

Please tell me your past experiences and give me some advice. I am becoming embarrased of my body around women and everyone for that matter, and it is just going to get worse!!!

Thanks for your time

Electrolysis is the only permanent solution. It takes time, dedicated commitment, perserverance and a good practioner with proper equipment. Laser disables many hair follicles at once. It is long term temporary. It works satifactory for some people and for others it doesn’t. It requires a knowlegible practioner and proper equipment. In many cases,the hair that grows back is thinner and lighter and that is success for some people. Since laser is a newer method,there are too many unknowns as far as long term safety is concerned. Time will answer these questions. Laser may turn out to be safe and permanently effective, but we are waiting and watching for now. I am an electrologist and I have wished to myself many times that there was a faster way to remove large areas of body hair PERMANANTLY. Laser might be a wonderful choice for you since you have so much body hair, but consider the above and seek the truth about what is happening with laser clients here, today, and now. Read all you can about others experiences ( this website is very helpful) and try to look for those that were lasered and haven’t needed any hair removal proceedure of any kind for at least a year. That’s a good definition of permanent. I don’t really put any stock in those that had 2 laser treatments and are estatic or the person that has been lasering an upper lip for 3 years! That alone tells you a lot.
Like electrolysis, laser is expensive. Both hurt. But one is permanent if performed correctly and if the client will maintain the scheduled appointments needed.
I have had hair removed from my legs, arms, underarms and upper lip. That was 25 years ago, when I was not an electologist. This is the reason I became an electrologist. I am walking proof that it works and I have enjoyed everday of those 25 years with soft skin. I really love my soft legs - no more shaving. It took time, money, motivation, but for all this effort, I had a good result in the end. Like going to college for 4 years - it takes time, money and motivation. There is no other way down. Set your goal if you really want an end result. Go forward with small, but sure steps. You’re young enough and you will enjoy it for a long time. I can’t provide an answer for the money statement you raised. You’ll have to be creative and try to figure that out for yourself. I didn’t have much money because I was a student, also. I worked a couple extra shifts a week just to pay for this, but this may not be an option for you.

Read on this website, a pretty good summary of hair removal truth. Go to Forum Feedback: Comments, Critisims, etc. then to “Comments Welcomed” then to “Electrolysis works”. bmessiah has stated a truthful account of what it takes.
Good luck to you. Hope this helps.

Sorry bmessiah! Let me state this correctly this time. Go to cmusketball’s post in comments welcomed catagory from September 24 in Forum feedback section. His topic is Electrolysis Works!

bmessiah: My suggestion is to start with electrolysis on the underarms. That is an area that can show results in a shorter time than other areas. If you can get proof of the results in a rather confined area, you will be more enthused in moving to larger areas.