which method for full body?

I am a 21 year old female and I have a major hair issue that I don’t know how to deal with. I used to only have a little dark hair on my back, mostly at the bottom, but at about 13 or 14 I suddenly had hair on my stomach, breasts, and buttocks. My arms aren’t too bad compared to some, except that my upper arm is also hairy. I have a pretty face and a nicely-shaped body, but when someone shows interest in me I think “if they only knew!” because honestly, they’d be grossed out. I have had many boyfriends, though. I’ve just keep bleaching, waxing, and using creams. I only use bleach on my chest and the upper part of my back so it stays soft, but in bright sunlight it “lights up” and looks fuzzy. I HATE IT. If I don’t have time to use my depillatory cream every other day on my lower back, stomack, and buttocks I get prickly and I don’t want my boyfriend to touch me.
I visited this site a little while ago and found out about lazer. I have light skin and dark hair, so I got really exited. I thought I’d do it before this summer so I could wear a bikini, but after reading some of these postings, I’m not so sure. Waiting 6 weeks before sun exposure, redness, and even “crust” sounds terrible. Electrolysis will probably take forever, though. I’m a college student, so money is a factor, but I’m willing to spend whatever I can. I can’t deal with this! Which method do you think is right for me?

Without seeing you, it is not easy to say anything about what you could expect. Of course, electrolysis would require that you only avoid the sun exposure in the treated area for about 72 hours in the best of worlds. Of course, I tell my clients not to wear makeup and stay out of the sun, and wear sunblock, and they walk out the door putting on makeup, and come back to the office two days later with an all over tan. I guess they are ok so far.

If your hair is dark and coarse, laser may help to a certain point, and then you may need to switch to electrolysis. if the hairs are fine as you describe your chest, laser may not be as effective as it would be on thicker hairs.

You might try a few treatments on an area that bothers you most (I have fuzz on my lower back that drives me crazy, too) and if you like the result, get it in a few other places onnce you see what sort of regrowth you can expect. You may need to switch to electrolysis in the end to get some here and there. A regular electrolysis appointment can clear the area and get rid of it for good in time, too. Either method requires going to someone who is really good.