which machine to buy?

Im based in the UK, I am hoping to be trained soon in electrolysis

The person I hope to be trained by has an apilus. I am undecided whether I should buy a machine first and then get trained on that
The main options that people talk about is apilus or sterex

Does anyone have any recommendations please?

The Instantron Elite Spectrum

I have actually used an Apilus Platinum and the Instantron Elite Spectrum. They are both very good choices. I don’t know anything about a Sterex.

Some epilators have more options than others. It is best to study what the features are and decide if you want or need a minimum number or a maximum number of those features/options. It’s all about choice.

Thanks for the responses

I should have said that I would be looking to pay no more than 1k at this stage

I have been reading up on the apilus cleo, has anyone used it?


I second the Instantron Elite Spectrum. A bit more than £1,000 but worth the investment since it will see you through from start to experienced electrologist. It is also a very comfortable machine for the client.

With a Sterex (SX-B) or low end Apilus, it’s highly likely that once you are relatively experienced, you will want to upgrade. You will also likely be performing Blend with either of these. Not that you cannot perform themolysis but you will be limited/restricted.

Thanks stoppit

Would you know where to purchase in the uk please?

June Adams CherryTree Electrolysis

Fabulous thanks laurier :slight_smile: