Which Machine is Best for Mixed Genders?

First of all, thank you so much for any advice you could give. I have been researching electrolysis machines for two months now and am still unsure which machine I should get.

My household is comprised of two females with very coarse and stubborn body hair, a male with finer body hair, and a transwoman with fairly coarse hair. We have tried the one-touch personal unit, and it only worked for the male. Try as we might, the little machine just doesn’t work with the others.

When I shave my legs, the stubble is so sharp that I develop a painful rash if my legs touch the next evening. Waxing and epilators tend to break the hairs in the follicles.

From what I have read here, a blend unit is best. When I called texaselectrolysissystems.com, they kept telling us that we shouldn’t need a blend.

I would like a decent system for future use, and I would like to become proficient at using the unit. Of course, I will buy the necessary instruction books and take a class locally if i can. I have the patience and a magnifying device. I just have no idea which type of electrolysis system I should get.

I can see some very nice used Apilus and other units on ebay and kijiji (I live in the US.) Can or should I get a machine from these sources? Can I even buy a machine on kijiji since I live in the US? (I do know French.)


You do not need blend. A manual thermolysis machine and training, training, training, training of Your skills will do fine. You can even go down relatively safe to timings down to 0.5 secs with such a simple device. A few colleges here in Germany are really good in such treatments.

Of course the more expensive machines will make Your life easier. Great in all their modalities are for example the Instantron machines. I know and like the Elite Spectrum and personally would prefer it over any Apilus in that price range (i.e, over all 13 MHz Apilus machines). But the Pure with Synchro and the larger Apilus boxes are still better, albeit more expensive.

All of the more expensive machines do also provide blend. On the Apilusses i personally dislike the blend modes. Too limited.

BTW: i do not see any Gender specific difference in these machines. It is mostly about skills. The advantages of the more more expensive machines over an entry level device are fully independent from Gender.

Finally: You should use good probes. My preference in ascending order: Ballet Gold, Laurier tapered, Laurier IBP. The latter only for fast resp. flash thermolysis.

After having Flash/Thermolysis for years with no completion, this summer I tried Blend for the fist time. It will be a good real world experiment because one side was cleared with Thermolysis and the other side with Blend. 7 second blend is very expensive to clear the same size area! But at this point, I’m wasting money on thermolysis anyway as hair keeps growing back in but thinner after years of hitting the same follicles.

In few more months I will be able to gauge the results clearly. If Blend has better kill rate, I will stop getting Thermolysis and throw my last fortune on finishing up with Blend. Of course I will share my results.

Fenix, you’ll love the kill rate of blend, as well as the relative safety of these currents compared to strait thermolysis in th hands of a DIY’er /novice.I never had a lot of luck though getting good releases with seven seconds of blend, and had to resort to longer treatments per follicle than that. If paying to have it done, that extra effort does come out onthe expense side, but that was never my issue since the effort was my own.

I do highly recommend blend for a DIY’er most especially if performing insertions on themselves with little knowledge.So a machine capable of blend is better for such a person.

I too however find the blend implementation in Apilus machines very limiting.Although they have the ability to be modified by the user, the timing and intensities built into the presets limit the way you can implement a blend treatment. For this reason I recommend a machine that has manually controlled currents over my precious Apilus, for someone learning to do electrolysis.You’ll also find that most of the documented educational material ( michaels book, Electrolysis thermolysis and the blend , Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and temporary hair removal, all present how to operate a machine with manually controlled currents to determine tolerance and treatment point. None of these manuals will train you how to do this on an Apilus.In fact I’m unaware of any training material that does include Apilus treatment setup.So in addition to being able to control the current delivery directly, and in the amount of learning material directly, a machine with manually controlled currents should be easier to learn and give better flexibility to customize treatments.The Spectrum Elite would be an excellent example of such a machine, as would many clairblend and other epilators.

As for Kijiji, think of it like craigslist. It’s individual classified ads that are put out to the LOCAL market. The vast majority of transactions will be face to face purchases. “shipping” items is a huge nono to prevent being defrauded, though I have had some success with this in the past.Ebay is a better choice if you re in the US.I often find kijiji sellers are willing to ship items if they are paid for first plus the shipping costs, but this requires trust on your part, as well as that of the seller.Also not that you will find you are charged duty at the border for anything you buy in canada, and that if a machine has the capability to give cataphoresis treatments ( as many electrolysis machines do) then you may not be permitted to import the machine into the US.