Which Laser to use? ( please help )



I have around 1000 pounds to spend on hair removal but I’m sure what to do.

The first place I went to wanted to charge me 500 per treatment ! for my face alone. She seemed to think I was ok for laser though. I’m English but am not white but sort of off white, no where near black though and my hair is really dark brown/black. I think they used the ellipse flex.

Since I was only 15 (now 17 ) at the time there was no way I could afford it. Anyway after shopping around I also found another clinic that charged 200 pound per treatment and used the Epitouch PlusTM Alexandrite laser.

Lastly I found a Salon that charges 240 for 10 treatments ! It uses the Epil2000.

I want other areas like back/chest/neck doing so as you can see it will cost a lot. Although the salon sounds the best someone mentioned that you may end up spending money at the Salon for less results than just one treatment elsewhere.

Is there an online test I can take to check what level hair/skin tone I am?

I’m confused. Any advice?


Practitioner skill is more important than laser type, but of the lasers you mentioned, the EpiTouch Plus is pretty good.

You can check your skin type here:



Hi. Epil 2000 isn’t laser. It is transdermal electrolysis. You can see it at bellesante.co.uk/frames.asp. It is a fraud.


Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda


Thanks for pointing that out, fanteruel!