Which laser should I HAVE>?

I have coarse thick and black hair(Asian)

  1. Is coolglide betther than anyother lasers somehow?
    I have two choices
    (Coolglide) and (Candela gentlelase and Gemini laser )
    which clicni should I go?

  2. I had laser hair removal 2years ago with surface anesthesiam,but was painful. Now our new lasers, is that still painful?(I don’t believe (snapping) as a person experienced. Also, is it more painful around anus and pennis area?

DAMN! I’ll say good-bye to my hair by next summer!!!

Question - You had laser 2 years ago? How many treatments did you have? Did you get your desired results? Where did you have the treatments?

I use a coolglide it is painful however my experience so far has been rather positive. It is better for darker skin colors, and has less side effects than other lasers.

I had 2years ago on my legs only once, so it was unnecessary
I will kill all my hair at the beginning of Jan.
I hope everything works well.

if you’re darker than a type IV, go with Coolglide. If you’re lighter than type III, GentleLASE is best. Sensitive areas hurt more. No pain, no gain with laser though. Expect some. If you don’t feel anything, it’s not working and you’re wasting your money. You ARE killing follicles here. It should hurt at some level.