Which laser is best for light skin/dark hair?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on these forums and I’m not exactly sure if technology has changed or not.

Gentlelase use to be the best laser for light skin/dark hair is this still the case? Why is it the best laser and if it isn’t, which laser is better and why?


Alex still the best on light skin. Candela Gentlelase(pro) still the best. But the technology is the same for the most part. The Gentlelase Pro – “faster” and a couple things that make it better for the practitioner, lighter handpiece etc. Or at least it was the best until Candela matched their 18mm spot size with their EliteMPX

The Candela is what people at Pulse NYC laser (one of the best laser places in NYC) like the most. (and for yag they like the gentleYag from Candela. Now they have a gentleMax(pro), it’s the lase combine with the yag. I believe the candela can get down to a slightly lower pulse measurement vs. the cynosure? I’d have to check on that since they come out with new machines all the time. Seems like Candela is always one step ahead of cynosure. Romeo&J has both, i bet they’re just so similar in efficacy.

And obviously the a candela is only better than the cynosure if the tech is better and the maintenance is up to date and vice versa. I would go to a better tech/more conscientious medspa with a cynosure before i went with a candela. I know that’s not your question but they’re so close i just thought i’d add that. ;).

Could be wrong of course, but that’s what i understand.

Yes, GentleLASE is still the best mostly due to the largest spot size and lowest pulse width combo.

Damn why hasn’t technology moved ahead in this area?

Alexandrite lasers with 18mm spot sizes are “best” for lighter skin types. Today, Candela brand and Cynosure brand both make Alexandrite lasers with 18mm spot sizes. From Candela it’s Gentlelase or Gentlemax models and from Cynosure it’s Elite MPX model.

What are you looking for “newer” technology to do? The current ones does a great job in my opinion.