which is the best equipment?

This is my first post, so here is a brief introduction…

After thinking about doing home electrolysis for several years, we have decided to move forward with this. My husband, adult daughter and myself will all ‘work on’ each other. We are committed to putting in the time and effort to learn the procedures and complete our goals.

My daughter wishes to remove her female mustache (very fine hairs), bikini area (much thicker hair), and perhaps legs. Ditto for me. My husband would like to remove his beard area.

We have a book I purchased several years ago called: “Cosmetic & Medical Electrolysis & Temporary Hair Removal - 2nd Edition, published 1997.” Is this still a good/relevant guide?

I have been charged with researching and purchasing an electrolysis machine. I would prefer to buy new equipment and we don’t have a fixed budget.

Can anyone suggest which machines they have had good success with? Is there a distributor that anyone could recommend?

Any starting suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

You have a good copy of that book. I would suggest you add to your collection Mike Bono’s “The Blend Method (Real World Electrology)” to your collection, as it is the best book for someone looking to going from not knowing what a UL is to doing good permanent hair removal with smooth care free skin (after much practice on legs).

As for equipment, the best thing if you have a totally unlimited budget is the Apilus Platinum, but at $10,000 new from the factory, not even your local electrologist has that on her work cart. Next in line is the Apilus SX-500, followed by the Silhouet-Tone VMC. Those have come down from their former $5,000 price tags, to a $3,500 ballpark.
Next in line are the Fischer/Hinkel machines, and the Instantrons which are all in the $2500 ball park. (The next generation Instantron is expected to leap frog into the top of the list, but it is not available just yet)

Good luck, and I am glad to hear that a family is working together on this. Perhaps your daughter will want to join us and become an “Electrology SuperFriend”. The profession can use caring young people.

Now put your location in your profile so we are better able to help you.

For your shopping pleasure you can try.
Texas Electrolysis Supply (I don’t have the number handy sorry)
Silhoute Tone 1-800-552-0418


Happy shopping

All the epilators mentioned should be available directly through
Texas Electrolysis Supply
16627 Sealark Road
Houston, Texas 77062
(800) 626-6025

Could someone break it down for me as to what makes a particular electrolysis machine the “best”?

I’m looking into buying a professional one, and I would like to understand this as well as I can. I am starting to see an electrologist for my legs but I am beginning to think that the money would be better spent on a pro machine so I can do treatments every day at my convenience. I’d rather spend more for a machine if it is more likely to “kill” the hairs and keep me from ruining my skin.

And there is a bit of a conflict as to which is the best method for beginner DIYers to use first. Is it slow thermolysis or something else?

Finally, is it realistic to think that if I get a good enough machine, then all I need to do is insert the probe properly and the machine will deliver a positive outcome?

Get an epilator that is capable of doing blend and thermolysis. You will have all three modalities at your disposal. Start with pure galvanic because it is slowest and you have more control over the current and thus, are less likely to damamge your skin. As a newbie, this may be very difficult for you so we usually don’t cheer you on to do-it-yourself. Since you are working on your legs and not your face, that would be a good place to try out your skills.

I must caution you that you will not be able to complete your legs yourself even if you get really proficient at completing good insertions and applying the right amount of energy for the right amount of time. You would have to be Gumby or Mrs. Gumby to contort your wrist and body to reach certain places on your legs to properly insert the probe and stay steady for seconds to minutes.

You can call the above mentioned company or Prestige electrolysis and ask for a basic epilator brand that does galvanic and thermolysis if you want a new machine. If you can find a used Clareblend, that would be a good choice for your needs. A good practitioner could make any epilator work fine. It always boils down to practitioner SKILL. One must still THINK to set the epilator correctly. It is not a matter of plugging a unit in and letting the machine guide you to the right place. You guide the machine, keeping in mind the basic principles of electrolysis.

Order an electrolysis book or two and read up. Meharg and Richards book, Michael Bono’s book would be the two I would advise you get. Order some magnification lenses, disposable gold probes and a good light source, too.

For what you will be spending for the above, you could just continue to go to speedy and accurate electrolysis practitioner and have this taken care of professionally. I’m assuming that the money outlay wouldn’t be that much different.


What if I don’t want to start with the galvanic method? It seems a little bit antiquated, with the water and all that. Won’t the machine use the water in my follicle to complete the circuit?

Honest to God, I am Miss Gumby, so I’m not too worried about being able to reach most areas on my legs. But I’m realistic and wouldn’t hesitate to go to a pro for the places I can’t reach. Will the pros give me dirty looks and act annoyed if they know I’m asking them to clear places that I couldn’t reach? Is there a universal distain for DIYers?

The money outlay for DIY vs. Professional Electrologist might be close, but where will I find a practitioner willing to see me every single day? And do legs, bikini and pits for $ 3,000 or less? If anyone knows, please tell me, because I’ll call him or her tomorrow.

If ClaireB is willing to make a trip to Austin TX really soon, she could get personal hands on help from someone who knows all about it. And if she were accepting private messages, she would have even more information than that right now.

You can start with any modality that you wish, but galvanic is a good first stepping stone if you are new at this game. If you prepare and warm up to the game at hand then the outcome can be a better one for you. If you don’t know how to do something, you break it down into small steps and gradually work your way up.

You don’t need a bowl of salt water to dip your fingers in if you are using a professional epilator,if that’s what you were referring to.

I certainly wouldn’t treat you any different than another client if you came to me after you did all you could do to reach areas on your legs and wanted me to finish the areas you couldn’t reach. I doubt that would be a problem with any electrologist, so don’t give it another thought. There is no universal disdain for DYI’ERS. I would quietly think to myself how sad if a client came to me with scars all over and asked for help to clean things up.

You could get a lot of PROPERLY done electrolysis done for $3,000! I know you can not personally do your armpits. You can schedule appointments everyday if you want, well, maybe 5 days out of a week. There are a lot of electrologists that would be very happy to have a client like you.

It’s good to weigh your options. It’s good that you are thinking about what will work best for you.


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