Which is the best epilator???


I’m a young male who models often. I always have to have a clean, hair-free body…My leg hair never really grew in dark or long, so im in luck there, but im always shaving my chest and abs…I think I am going to turn back to an epilator. I tried the old epilator “Epilady” i think it was called about a year ago and I didn’t enjoy that at all. The pain was KILLER!!! And I can handle alot of pain…Plus I had a ton of red bumps all over. It looked liked I got stung by a bunch of bees…haha…Anyways, I was wondering what the best epilator product is on the market…I heard and read alot of good things about Braun Eversoft easy start…Do you think that would work better on the chest and abs. I sure hope so…Either way I think i’ll give it a try and keep everyone posted on how it works.
Let me know your thoughts on the Braun Eversoft.


Newer rotary epilators are still not very comfortable on sensitive areas like the chest, but some are more bearable. I’d look into the Braun devices (the Eversoft you mention is a good one).

You might also consider waxing as an option. I’d get it done by a pro the first time, but the areas you want to do are really easy to do yourself at home if you want to save some $$.

Let us know what you decide and how it works out!

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