Which is best for female body hair?


Hi, Are women welcome here, or am I butting into a men’s forum?

Just wondering is there one prescription med that is better for female hairiness than the others - and why?

I’ve got a lot of the ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hairs along the lower sides of my face and neck.Because its colorless the laser treatments are NOT touching it. Although its still fuzzy (and my hubby says “cute”) - I’d REALLY like to get rid of it. There seems to be more of it lately and the hairs seem a bit longer than the usual fuzz I’m used to.

Also seems like my arms and legs have alot more hair than they did before.

I’d really like to hear ANY suggestions for what prescription meds might work best for FEMALE body hair.

Also - I’m uncertain if something that will help with body hair will cause the hair on my head to thin? Or cause pubic hair and underarm hair to thin? (Wouldn’t mind losing either of those! :wink: )

Thank you very much (excellent forum by the way - hope I’m in the right spot and that women are welcome!).


hey there. i take flutamide and it is very effective. i am having issues with it as it seems to be giving me mini mini deposits behind my nipples, like little breasts. but for a girl, this would not be bad if your breasts enlarged. Furthermore, Flutamide has very strongly decreased my body hair, especially my face; and my endocrinologist tells me that i am only at half the dose of his female patients. i take 2 doses of 125mg per day versus a female taking 2 doses of 250mg per day. He says he thinks flutamide is the best and that there is no reason to take it in combination with anything else. He told me that his female patients are sooooo happy with it and can’t believe how well it works. i am happy with it too except for the fatty deposits behind my nips… that blows!!!


Hi there!

Thanks so much for your reply! I’m happy to hear you are having a (mostly!) positive experience with flutamide! :smile:

I’ve gotten to the point where I really need to do SOMETHING here … but with so many choices out there (didn’t realize there WAS so many!) - I wasn’t sure which was best.

Does flutamide affect the hair on your head (wouldn’t want to lose that) – or the pubic; leg and underarm hair (these last three are all dispensible IMHO) :wink: ?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer! What a cool forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What laser did your doc use for your fcail hair? I also have light blond facial hair and pale skin and I was consdiering the Palomar cool touch laser for the face. Has it worked at ll for you? Also did you gyn prescribe the med for the pilss to get rid of facial hair or did you go to your PCP.