Which Home Laser/IPL are you using and why

I was wondering what home Laser/IPL methods are people actually using and what is your experience with the product?

I see No!No! and Tria Laser sections, but don’t see others like the Silk’n Flash and Go. I personally don’t do well with shaving on my stomach area. I have sensitive skin there and it get irritated easily. I have never tried the Tria, but I have used both No!No! and Flash & Go and I prefer the Flash & Go even though I think that the lights don’t last nearly as long as they should so it gets more expensive than you think to keep using it.

That being said, I tried the No!No! on my stomach, chest, and underarms, but the hair kept coming back. My first No!No! started refusing to accept the smaller tips and I turned it in and received a replacement. The replacement seems to have been a repaired unit and it has also developed another problem and sometimes won’t turn off. That is just dangerous.

I’ve been using the Flash & Go for about 8 months on all those areas as well as on my face. It has drastically reduced the hair on my stomach and underarms and what little does come back seems to be much finer. My face is still in progress but it also has much less hair. My mustache and chin areas are the most stubborn, but I am seeing progress. I have always shaved my face and have just gotten tired of it.

I have not tried any of them on my legs although I have had them shaved for the last 8 or 9 months. I shaved them at first while I was getting sclerotherapy done on spider veins and liked them that way. My leg hair isn’t very thick and some areas like on the backs of my calves don’t have any at all any more, so I think it looks better to be evened up. I just haven’t had the nerve to try and go a permanent route yet.