Which Hair Removal Laser produces better results



I am looking to have some body hair removed by “Laser.” The problem is which laser to choice, there so many different lasers’ out there and they all (the companies the manufacture them, and or doctors and offices that use them) say they are the best. I am in Brooklyn NY, and am looking for a facility in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Yes I know there are a lot of Laser Hair Removal places available in my area, but which one do I choice. I have had done some treatments with a diode laser in Manhattan, but unfortunately the company went out of business, I have had a consultation with a company that uses an Epi Touch Alex Laser Hair Removal, they sound okay, but I have no idea what to think, or with which laser to go with, it is a lot of money and time, I am really afraid of making the wrong decision. Please help, thanks.


Hi zlota. Maybe we can help each other. I just posted a message about my EpiTouch experience. My opinion is that it is a piece of crap. I had one treatment, and I figure that if I continue, I will be a lifelong client! I want to try the Lightsheer diode. Can you tell me your opinions and experiences with the diode? I hope that I am not being a poop-head by unfairly judging the EpiTouch after just one treatment, but I’m going with my gut-instinct and walking away from it. I figure I can’t do any worse with the Lightsheer diode.


Has anyone heard of or had treatment by radiancy’s Spa Touch Photoepilation. How effective is this?


Go with the Lightsheer ET diode laser. It is one of the most, if not the most, powerful lasers. The diode laser reaches deeper into the hair follicle than the others. The Lightsheer has a very effective cooling system too. That helps minimize side effects.

The Lightsheer also uses the compresssion principle to force bolld away from the follicle temporarily so the hemoglobin does not abosrb the laser energy.

Even reps from competing laser manufacturers agree that the Lightsheer ET is the best laser on the market.

Good alternatives would ve the Apex 800 diode or the Apogee alexandrite.

Hope this helps.

RJC 2001


As always, RJC2001 has great advice. You might also consider a GentleLASE, although remember that practitioner skill is the most important factor in effectiveness and safety. Be sure to read the info on choosing a practitioner as well as looking up equipment.


Dav, Radiancy’s SpaTouch is used a lot by beauticians and salon owners, which may mean you won’t get the kind of effectiveness you might get from a laser at a medically-trained practitioner’s.

I believe SpaTouch is not cleared for permanent hair reduction by FDA.