Which epilator should I try? / Ones to avoid?

Hi everyone :smile:

The Braun models and Panasonic models are common faves here.

If you don’t like it because it hurt, you’ll find that future treatment at regular intervals will be less painful.

I just got a Braun Silk.e`pil Eversoft 2170. It is vastly superior to anything Epilady makes. Much, very much less painful. Of course, the first time is going to hurt, no matter what.

I have an older Braun Silk-epil which I love, too.

The Emjoi epilators are really good, I’ve used those for the past 3 years or so. The only thing I don’t like about them is the motor runs out in just 1-2 years. I don’t know if that’s just how epilators are or only the Emjois are that way. I just bought a Braun Eversoft so I’ll see how that works, I bought it because I have seen a lot of recommendations for it on this forum!

Sharifa, the Emjoi products are not made with as high a quality of workmanship as the Braun models, I feel. The Emjois are good for occasional users or those who are looking to cut costs, but the Brauns tend to hold up. I’ve had mine for about 6 years, and the only problem I had is one of my cats chewed on the cord! :roll_eyes:

Well, I have had my Emjoi God Gentle Caress for 4 years now and it still work. I used it only for my legs, though (twice a week).

Epilady is a great Brand, but maybe you should try a better model… you get what you pay for, especially when comparing the Epilady vs. Braun or Emjoi at the same price. if you were to buy a Braun or Emjoi at the same price you spent for the EpiGirl, you would see the same results. Epilady doesn’t even make the EpiGirl anymore, which shows their recognition of the machine. I would say give Epilady another try, perhaps the Legend or the Epic? Epilady epilators are also much quieter as well.

When you ad department types come here to hawk your products, would you please try to stick to the facts, and maybe attempt to give some GOOD INFORMATION instead of just screaming BUY OUR PRODUCT(S)!

Why don’t I do the customers a service and remind them that the original Epilady was a $70 rotating coil that was purposely designed so that one could NOT remove the coil for cleaning, so that it would also be regulated as a “Personal Care Item” that could not legally be returned to a store once it was opened. By not having a way to clean or replace the coil, it became like buying underwear. Once you open the package, only the manufacturer can give you a refund, the store can not.

This increased their sales, as everyone who bought one, used it for 30 seconds, and stormed back to the store was informed that there was nothing the store could do, as they could not take it back if they wanted to. Strangely, the Isreali makers of the product wanted nothing to do with the angry customers, and many people were hopping made, but $70.00 poorer for the experience.

I exclsuively use the Braun 5270 series. It has 40 tweezers in its rotating head and does a wonderful job with even the smallest of hairs…including stubble, once it gets hgih enough to grab. It won’t work on just emerging stubble, but will after a day or two’s worth of growth.

However, be very careful with the unit. The rotary drum is suspended on the edges with what looks like a complicated spring-like deal that can easily get “shifted” if the unit is dropped head first on a hard floor. (I have a hard tile floor in the room in which I commonly use the unit.) When this happens, the innerds of the drum must somehow get misalligned and the tweezerx stop grabbing the hairs, even though they still appear to be closing sall the way. I’ve ruined three…count’em three, tweezer heads like this over about a 3 year period. And yes, I’m on my 4th unit.

The problem is the cord gets caught on something while using it and the unit gets jerked out of my hands and it falls to the floor causing the damage. Hell, same thing happened to my latest unit the very first day I had it, but fortunately it landed on the back-side of the hand-held motorized unit and not directly on the head itself. So I lucked out that time.

What were you taking before you dropped it? How come you did not learn how easily it broke after the second one broke?

It depends on what you are using the device for. Some devices have absolutely no PAIN. Like a razor. But you can get a little nick. You also will have to contend with STUBBLE. If you know it is going to hurt you probably will not buy it. Pain is subjective. You may not be able to tolerate a pain some other female can take (As a male, I almost used the word “girl”. I could not determine which word was more acceptable… GIRL or WOMAN, consequently, I settled on FEMALE). It’s like a delivery. Some women want to be knocked out to avoid all pain. Yet other women will do it NATURALLY.Gary Shandling says,“I only shave one leg. That way when I wake up in the morning it feels like a woman is next to me.”

Let us know which store accepted it for a return. The product you are using is listed as a “personal use” device. Stores will not accept this device for return as they can not resell it. Would you buy or use an item intended for personal use if you knew it was used prior to you buying it? How about panties or a bathing suit? Or a toothbrush?

Many manufacturers use some form of sealing the package that makes it impossible to return if you use it.

I use a philips satinelle. It does a really good job.