which epilator is best?

the only epilator i have used is the epilady discrette. i need to buy a new one, and i wonder if other brands work better? with the epilady i have a lot of broken and missed hairs, and using it on my underarms is out of the question, way too painful.
also, i have found that if i razor shave once a week i have no problem with ingrown hairs. has anyone else tried this? i tried loofas, that didn’t work.
but, what is the best epilator to buy?
thanx, A-V :confused:

I’ve heard so many raves about the Emjoi (ultima?) that Sharper Image sells for $100. Could be the best one yet. I’m about to buy one. Major raves from many people.

Hi A-V–

The Braun models are good too.

For ingrowns, you should try Tend Skin.

what is and where do i get Skin Tend? does it help with ingrown hairs? i also read to use something with salycitic (can’t spell) acid in it. :confused:

Tend Skin is available at some salons (call around) and online via various distributors. Go to www.google.com and type in “tend skin” and you’ll get a lot. Their home page is www.tendskin.com

Tend Skin has salicyclic acid. Many find it very helpful (myself included).