Which electrologist to choose?


I finally had two test sessions of electrolysis on my face and neck with different electrologists. Now, it’s time to choose one of them to continue my treatment.

I need the help of those of you with experience, which one would you choose?

Electrologist A:

  • Office is kind of shabby, does not communicate “success”. It’s so teeny tiny but seems clean.

  • I had a 15 minute session with her. She used an Apilus machine, and pedal to deliver two shocks for each hair. I almost never felt the probe go in or the hair go out.

  • She used a microscope and was FAST.

  • The pain factor was not too bad, except on the boney jaw parts. My face felt extremely hot (like a sun burn). But it seemed to be fine within about an hour.

Electrologist B:

  • Very nice office, clean, impressive rooms.

  • I had a 10 minute session. She also used the Apilus and I believe she used thermolysis. She pushed on the foot pedal thingie to deliver one shock per hair only. With her, I did feel the insertion of the probe and the hair was not coming out easily. It felt like it was being forced out (not the feeling of plucking, but there was noticeable resistance).

  • She didn’t use a microscope but a light with an enlarging circle in the middle. She seems rather slow at removing the hairs, especially compared to the first one.

  • Surprisingly, my face didn’t feel hot and it wasn’t that red. I still got those little red bumps though.

Any insights??

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


No one will be surprised that I vote Electrolysis provider “A”. You will be wearing the results of her work for the rest of your life, and you are paying for hairs removed per hour, and expertise. Marble floors, water falls in the waiting room, and a future America’s Top Model contestant as a secretary are nice touches, but actually have nothing to do with the work being done. Great distraction, but its all fluff.

This is one of the reasons the best electrolysis practitioner in town may be very hard to find. It may be some person not listed in the phone book, working by referral only out of a basement, or spare bedroom two days a week.

I have a friend who went over $100,000 in debt on an office build out in a building the practitioner doesn’t own. Sure it is impressive, but I can’t help but say, wouldn’t you have been better spending that on actually buying your own building, or upgrading your equipment and scaling back the imported wood and stone?

I’d say ‘A’ too, although it might be an idea to go back to ‘B’ and ask her to do the same setting as ‘A’.

Since “B” doesn’t have the lighting and magnification of “A” she can’t provide the comfort and percision of insertions that “A” can. Electrologist “A” spent her money on equipment instead of opulence. It is therefore easier for “A” to provide fast, effective hair removal with less discomfort and skin irritation.

Of course, both of them could work faster if they would “Use The Force…Let Go” and make use of the auto sensor feature and auto delay on the machine. It would also save them stress on their foot tapping leg.

How would you go about finding and electrolysis practitioner in NYC? I don’t want to just pick one out of the phone book.

I would go with A. It seems like they could get the job done.

How would you go about finding and electrolysis practitioner in NYC? I don’t want to just pick one out of the phone book.

you can start by running a search here using the search function above

What are somethings to look out for when trying to find a Professional Electrologist?

Ty but there is a whole list. How do you weed out the good ones? What are some good questions to ask when calling?

You can’t “weed them out” on the phone. The only way to truly know who is good and who is not is to actually compare their treatment results to each other. That is why we ask everyone here to give the names of those they have positive experiences with. Most ignore this request, but the truth is, unless one actually went to see each and every practitioner in one’s area, one could not possibly weed out who is good and who is not so good and who is the best.