Which device to buy for practice?

I really like your site’s straightforwardness… I am an electrologist (13 yrs) by training and have been doing laser for the past 4 years. I’ve used Alex, Diode, Nd:yag and IPL systems. I’m considering buying my own laser and thought I would look up your site. A client referred me to it actually.

I am having the hardest time deciding which of the technologies would suit my practice better.

Considering the Pitanga (IPL&Elos) or Comet (Diode&Elos - scheduled to be delivered Oct04) by Syneron and the Apogee Elite (combo Alex and Nd:Yag) by Cynosure. Was wondering if you have heard any news good or bad about either because as you know, everyone’s laser is the best. I’m leaning towards the apogee Elite but only because ELOS technology is still relatively new.

I’m enjoying the process of trying to learn as much as possible about them but can’t imagine how a person not familiar with the basic concepts of electrolysis can navigate each company’s claims. Obviously, I want to get the best laser for my practice but I don’t think I can please everyone. This experience will definitely inform my consultation process.

I generally suggest people think long and hard about IPL, and the ELOS thing is pretty new without much data. Apogee Elite dual mode gives you two good types that can be good if you have significant amount of darker skinned clients or a lot of clients with dark hair.

I agree with your assesment. And as long as you try to accommodate the largest number of clients, you should be fine.

It is interesting to see the proliferation of combination devices allof a sudden. It was especially interesting to see the Syneron Comet, which combines ELOS with Diode laser. That would seem to be a good device also. It is used as either a diode laser OR an ELOS (IPL + RF)? Or can the diode and ELOS both be used at the same time? Would you even want to do that? So many questions! Is Syneron backtracking on it’s claims that ELOS is the endall and be all of hair removal by now offering diode laser option. The Aurora has worked for me, but in some areas the diode laser has outperormed it. I wanted to do a comparison between the Aurora and Sciton 1064 but the Sciton broke down.I would also like to see a machine that has both diode and Nd:YAG. How much more does a combination machine cost than a single laser machine. Would it be more or less cost effective than 2 single machines.It would be a good comparison to see the cost of a Lightsheer (diode) plus a Sciton or Coolglide (Nd:YAG) and compare that to the cost of these combination machines.I had great results with the Apogee on my first two treatments. But the Lightsheer is superior for follow up treatments as the hair gets finer. There is less pain and scabbing with the Lightsheer than with the Apogee. Plus, and this is VERY important, the Lightsheer is bulletproof. My practioner says they have used the Lightsheer very heavily for several years and it has never broken down! That cannot be said for most other devices.I say get a Lightsheer and a Sciton although those other combinations show some promise too. The Sciton is very expensive though from what I hear.RJC2001