Which brand

I am just about to embark on my electrology training and need to make a decision about which machine to purchase. I have been recommended the Hinkel UC-3+. Please give me your opinions on the best epilator :o

All brands of epilator should work. Some schools will train you using ONE brand, which is unfortunate, as you should be able to try many.

Having used Ferrie, Instantron, Fischer, Silhoutte-Tone, and Dectro’s Platinum, I can tell you that the last three are more comfortable. Fischer is probably the best one for comfort and price, and I understand that Gentronics is very comparable in comfort.

If you can, call some different electrologist for sample treatments. Explain that you will be training and would like to ask them about their epilator.

Wishing you the best!

We should always be delicate and diplomatic about such questions so as not to stir the air. Barbara’s comments reflect what I would have said.

Now, for the undiplomatic response to your question as if we were talking To you face to face. In my opinion, I would not start from a place of pricing if I were new. I would go straight to the sweetest epilators on earth at this time. That would be an Apilus Platinum or a Pure with Synchro added on. This will save you from eventually getting to the best someday. You can spend your capital on the best from the get go without having to retrain yourself as you go through epilators struggling to find the right fit for you or your clients. Building a client base is goal number one when you are new. If your treatments hurt too much, your clients will give up on electrolysis or go somewhere else. Be smart about this. You will save time and money by going for top of the line new tech epilators from the very beginning. Get trained and network with colleagues that are not selfish about sharing with you. People that are stuck in a time warp can’t grow and offer the best. Always keep an open mind for the welfare of your clients.

…and as with a computer, I’ve been told to get the most options that you can afford (assuming you would USE these options)…as computer manufacturers will always be coming out with something new. I hope that we will be seeing more “new” from the other epilator companies…

Thank you!
I’m so amazed by and grateful for this site and forum. I know I will be using it very frequently as I have so many questions I don’t know where to start. Thank you to all of you professionals out there sharing your well earned advice and ‘trade secrets’ with us!

Thank you. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say it is nice to be appreciated.