Where to use EMLA?

I’m anxiously awaiting my first laser hair removal treatment (scheduled for next Saturday and next tuesday). I have my tubes of EMLA, but don’t know where I’ll really need it.

On Saturday the 13th they will be treating my toes, lower legs, and underarms.

On Tuesday the 15th they will be treating my upper legs, bikini, private area, and ab trail.

I know that some areas are less sensitive then others - as a general rule where would you recommend using the EMLA, and where is usually just fine without it?

I have heard that one of the most painfull areas to treat with laser is underarms, bikini and private areas will hurt quite a bit too.

I do not think you should waste your ELMA on lower legs at all.


For me, I did not apply EMLA in my underarms, but private area. (You might want to discuss private area in mature forum.)

If you really want to apply EMLA, make sure you apply an hour earlier then the treatment, but not earlier than 1.5 hours. Also, a thick layer of EMLA then wrap with GradWrap.

You might want to try without EMLA for your first treatment, I would suggest.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions so far…

I guess I was kinda wondering if the front of the leg is more sensitive then the back, or vice-versa.