Where to purchase probes?

Where is the best place to purchase probes? I plan to buy Ballet probes as TES said this was the most common. The probes are for personnel use with a VMC epilator that I recently bought.

Thanks for your help.

TES is fine. You can purchase at Prestige electrolysis as well. I always used Ballet probes, gold or insulated, with my VMC and now I use Ballet with my Apilus Platinum. Prices are all the same even when there is a 20% off sale. I like the sturdiness of the one piece probe personally and I like the way they glide into the follicle with such ease. Congrats on purchasing a great epilator. I still have my VMC for back up use if needed. It’s so easy to use.

Thanks Dee.
I purchased Ballet reusable probes, because they are for home use only with my wife and I. Also, by purchasing reusables, I was able to get the probes in smaller packages of 12 for $7.50 a package, instead of a box of 50. I bought F2, F3 and F5.

My only concern is that over time the tip of the probe might deteriorate, as I believe I have read somewhere on this forum that probe tips deform with use.

I am looking to buy a Fischer SE-$ model epilator machine, email me if you have one to e: malaniles@gmail.com