Where to place the indifference electrode?

Hello, I’ve been busy reading lots of the great articles on here, it’s brilliant that there is so much info and expertise all in one place, thankyou.
I’m looking into purchasing an older blend machine. although I would like to remove some hairs on my face I thought I would start on my lower legs - I realise body hair can be different to that on the face but I figure it’s a good starting point to get some practise at inserting the probe, establishing probe depth and working out baseline settings etc…
Question one:
Is it possible to place the indifference electrode somewhere other than in my hand E.g. under the armpit ? to allow me to work with both hands ?
Question two:
Some machines have a switched needle holder whilst others have a foot pedal- is one easier to operate as a complete beginner?

I greatly appreciate any feedback given,
Many thanks :blush:

I used to regularly shove the indifferent electrode into my waistband when I was doing treatments on myself. This worked fine, it just needs to be skin to electrode contact. One downside is the neutral electrode is soaked in salt -water brine so this would mae my pants waist wet.
I prefer foot pedal and have never used a probeholder switched version.

Aww thankyou for the quick reply… in the waistband sounds great :grinning:
so does wetting the electrode in salty water make the galvanic side of it more effective ?
(I have been having professional electrolysis, blend, in my face but the electrode has never been wet before …)

the salt-water assists in the conductivity of the electrode.Just wrap a bit of sponge with salt water or a paper towel similarly soaked around the electrode and you are good to go.