Where to look for information on treating darker..

I am so surprised this area is empty!?!

I will be a student of electrolysis soon and my specific area of interest would be how to treat hairs on African and South Asian people.

Are there any articles that can guide a beginner on what to consider and how to start treating dark skin without putting it at risk of scarring.

While I am training the only 2 bodies that I will be practicing on are black so I really need to know these things!

Thanks in advance,

I treat people of color no differently than I treat people with less melanin in their skin. All do well. I have used every modality and modalities within modalities I use an Apilus Platinum now. Before that, I used a Silhouet Tone VMC. Before that I used a Gentronics. Fear not. Get good equipment and develop your skills and always observe the skin reaction.

Laser hair removal for dark-skinned individuals is much different than for lighter-skinned individuals.You need a laser hair removal specialist that knows how to treat your skin.

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