Where to find a good doctor

Those seeking hair removal are advised to talk to their doctor about their options.

The American Medical Association has a useful way to find local specialists: American Medical Association’s Doctor Finder

I recommend seeing a dermatologist if you’re seeking the opinion of a specialist. If you think your problem may be hormonal, you may also want to consider an endocrinologist. In either case, you can probably get referrals from your primary care provider.

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Multifaceted question:

  1. Any ideas on the Minneapolis area for referrals?

  2. Is a dermatologist the best place to start and would we get better answers from them instead of Spas and CLinic types?


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Darn, sorry, I missed your post before!

University of Minnesota might be a good place to contact: Telephone 612-625-8625

I’d try the following dermatologist at U of M:

Maria K. Hordinsky, M.D. 612-626-4454

She’s written some excellent articles on dermatology with Whitney Tope, also of U of M.

Spas and clinic types are usually not medically trained, and may not be as qualified to evaluate your options. While medical traiing is certainly not a guarantee that someone knows what they’re doing, a dermatologist is usually going to be a good starting point. I personally advise considering a dermatologist to minimize the risk of injury and side affects.

Dear Andrea:

Can you recommend a good dermatologist in Chicago area that specializes in laser hair removal?

Thank you very much!


Jerome Garden would probably be my choice, though I have not had treatment with him (just a consult). Tell him I said hi if you decide to go to him.

Would love to know if anyone has good referrals in the SE Detroit, MI area? Also, has anyone used American Laser Center? Thanks

Hi Andrea!!
Do you know of a good clinic in North Carolina around Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill area, who deals with permanent hair removal…

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Everybody wants a “QUICK FIX”. This is impossible and this has been repeated here for a few years. I feel it is a waste of time to keep “beating a dead horse”. Patients will do what they think is right and then find out our advice was correct after paying “mucho dinero” to doctors and/or electrologists and/or “skin care people” who have inadequate training to remove hair but who can cause scarring, burns, and now it is reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that there are CONFIRMED CASES OF MELANOMA caused by lasers.

You patients are paying “con artists” to hurt you and your wallet. Some patients do not know they are being conned but these patients (who rely on FDA to be the consumer watchdog) ignore the information that is readily available from FDA here on the web. They have no idea what “science” is. They have NO MALPRACTICE INSURANCE, therefore, you can’t sue them for much. They are practicing medicine WITHOUT a license. This is illegal and makes any insurance “null and void” as there is no insurance to cover damage caused by an illegal act.

I think it is a waste of time to explain to patients what lasers do and how they work because they have already made up their mind before they visit us and do not want to hear what we say.

The FDA clearly states these devices do NOT remove hair permanently but no reference is made as to what “permanent reduction” means. How much is reduced? Is it 5% effective, 25% effective, 50% effective, 75% effective, etc. No information is available on this subject and the doctor who did most of the original research on this subject at HARVARD…NO LONGER REMOVES HAIR BY LASER as it is BORING, UNPROFITABLE, and NOT INTELLECTUALY REWARDING or CHALLENGING. Any one of these reasons is reason enough not to continue the procedure but now we know lasers for hair removal can KILL PATIENTS. It will be interesting to see how many doctors give up this procedure.

Absolutely correct- No lasers can give you 100% permannet removal.We Use Lasers & IPLs but we counsel our patients first that it is a one method by which hairs are reduced permamently but not removed 100%. So Counseling before sittings are most important.

Dr Rajesh Buddhadev
MD ( Dermatology)

Thank you for pointing out what we have been trying to nicely say for years here.

Electrolysis and L.A.S.E.R. are two different things. They don’t work the same way, and don’t provide the same results.

If 100% permanent and total Hair Removal is one’s goal, find a good electrologist. If thinning the herd is enough for you, LASER may be a good choice for you, provided you find a good practitioner, and don’t mind the risks.

I always compare it to Automobiles, and Motorcycles. They are both transportation, but are in no way the same thing, and anyone who bought a motorcycle thinking it was equivilent to a car would have a monumental case of buyer’s remorse when they found out the difference.

Our information says that in the best, of best case situations, a person would still have to have 40% of their hair removed by Electrolysis at the conclusion of the most successful LASER program, if total hair removal were the stated goal.

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Once again may I mention that most medical doctors know absolutely nothing about Permanent Hair Removal. Please read very carefully the site: ElectrolysisInformation.com before you have any kind of treatment.

This site will help you find a good electrologist near you. May I add if you read the information given right here at HairTell it will also make you well versed.

has anyone heard anything about romeo and juliette laser hair removal in nyc?