Where to find a electrologist to hire in CA

My office is doing great and im looking to hire another electrologist in my Southern CA lication. My issue is where do I find one? I have inquired with the local school in Orange County but honestly someone with experience would be great.Looking for ideas?

Hi, i am an electrologist moving back to california on sunday.
Where is your office located?

I will be living in carlsbad.


I’m having the same issue here in canada. I’ve had a empty office I’ve wanted another electrologist working from for over year, and now I’ve done some damage to my back, and may have to look at passing the business on eventually.You can find fresh grads from any of the schools but you’ll end up training them for quite a while, and it’s hard to choose for good business sense.I’d go sniffing around the dectro school in california and see if you can geta good grad from there.

Jennifer, if you are moving back to california are you licensed for california? I understand that’s a requirement.

Yes, I am licensed from california. I have been working since 1993.