where to end the sideburns?

Hi All,
I’m in the early stages of transitioning and I’m having blend electro done. We have pretty much cleared my lip/chin area; and I would like to start on the sideburns next. How do you tell where the beard should stop and the scalp hair begin? Getting that border defined would help every morning with what shaving I have to do.

I appreciate the quality of this board and the work of all those involved. I started epilation on my body hair after reading the good info on this board.
Thanks much-
Barbara Ann

Hi Barbara Ann:

Try just above/about where the top of the cheekbone meets the ears.

That is where mine are done to.


it would probably be best for you to look at pictures in magazines and then pictures of yourself and determine what would look best on YOU. then, shave like that so make sure you like it.

May I offer that in my experience, the hairs along the sideburn tend to change into hair consistent with that on the scalp after a certain period of time on hormones. This hair would blend in just like that which women have going down the side of their faces in front of the ear. So if you like the “Lisa Stansfield Look”, one could grow more of that hair and have a curl or a point or lock of hair that comes in front of the ear. Of course, most women who have that, want to get rid of it, even though most guys I know like this bit of hair.

I would honestly say that because of this change that takes place, I would want to leave that hair until last, unless you know for sure what you want to do with it. Until then, a Star Trek sideburn might be the best place holder to shape it with using temporary means for now.

I had mine done up to where the jawbone attaches and then did some thinning for about another inch up. As was mentioned though, try shaving to see where you want it to fall and don’t be too aggressive as far as how high you are going, you don’t want to over do it.

Thanks, everyone for your responses. I appreciate them. Boy, as if we TG women don’t have enough to think about :slight_smile:

You can say that again… :wink: