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I have read most of your info and comments and have found it very helpful but what I am not sure of is a clear answer do it work? I am a light skined guy with dark hairy back and it bummmmmmmmms out and I would like to remove the hair permanently. but I can figure out if this really does work… the places I called said ten different things… some save you back beofer treatmen is that normal? it seems like they shave to hide the fact that the lazer might not work? I am in boston is there a referal service for boston? dermatologist take weeks to get an appointment

Hey Stan–

You sound like a good laser candidate (light skin, dark hair). There are no guarantees, but many men have had permanent reduction of the amount of hair. However, response rates are highly variable, so it’s hard to say how much reduction you can expect. You’ll get some of it, but probably not all of it, even with several treatments.

Shaving the back is a common preparation for laser. Hair above the skin can get heated by the laser and cause it to singe, which smells bad and can add unneccessary pain to the procedure.

Even though dermatologists take a long time to see, I recommend going to someone with a lot of experience and a good reputation to ensure safest and most effective results.

Hello this question is for andrea,i dont mean to sound ignorant but i do not understand something.How come the laser will work on some hairs and not others in the same location.It just does not make sense.Say you have 15 treatments thats alot i know , it seems that you would have killed the hair enough times to cause permanent damage too all the follicles right.Stan is right you can never get a straight anwser sometimes from some laser techs,but i think laser hair removal does work for long term tempoary removal for most.Permance doubtfull